Hand swelling from new sleeve

I have my new sleeve which now finishes at the wrist (previous one had hand bit too). The sleeve is also a different weeve and is tighter than the old one. I’ve worn it for a couple of days and have noticed that my hand swells up when I have it on. I have tried to contact my lymph nurse but can’t get hold of her.

I’m not sure if the swelling is due to sleeve finishing at the wrist or because it’s tighter than the old one and I’m not sure whether or not to keep wearing it? Has anyone else had this problem? Help!!

Hi Hatts - I had one once that did that. (I stopped wearing mine and my hand settled quickly)

I would say ‘don’t wear it’ - because lymph is either going in the wrong direction - into your hand - or else the sleeve is too tight to allow your normally good drainage from your hand into your arm. . Is it a Medi sleeve, by the way?

Perhaps it would be better to go back to your old sleeeve until your lymph nurse gets back to you - you might have to persist with the 'phone calls to her ( in my experience) - or do you live close enough to drop in at the clinic on spec - as a bit of an ‘emergency’?

Good luck - let us know how you get on.



yep thats what happened to me when i was given the wrong size sleeve ! my fingers actually went blue! so now i just wear my old sleeves and glove ,untill i can get an apppointment with the lymphodemia clinic ,which so far i havny heard from despite numerous phonecalls ! id not wear it and go back to the old one untill you can see the nurse again .lynn x

Thanks for your comments. Have since been in touch with the lymph nurse who said that I need to go back to wearing my previous sleeve with hand (yes, it is a medi one). I feel like the kid in the sweet shop who has been given a sweet and had it snatched away. The sleeve with no hand was so much better. All very frustrating.

Hi Hatts

Have you tried asking for a different brand of sleeve (Jobst, Juzo, Haddenham)? It might be all you need to be able to manage without a handpiece. Different manufacturers have different standards.

(I’ve never got on with medi sleeves, myself - they were always too long, very scratchy and wouldn’t stay up properly!)