Happier times

Hi Ladies

                I was dx feb 2102 aged 49 with grade 3 idc 3 nodes affected, well this bank holiday I saw my son get married :slight_smile: I was so delighted and so elated to be here to see this wonderful moment in my sons life, I take nothing for granted I no how fortunate I am, I wanted to share the good news with you especially the new ladies who have just been diagnosed and are terrified for their lives… I no I still have a long way to go but each year and momentous event that passes from my dx gives me joy & hope, my love to you all I hope this lifts a few who read, I no from experience it can help


L xx

Hi Lottie, so true - thanks for sharing:)
CONGRATULATIONS on this wonderful event!
You put a smile on my face.
Thinking of you and your joy
x x

Thank you for sharing this lovely news Lottie, I’ve recently been diagnosed in Feb this year and my son is due to marry in Sept and my first thought was I wouldn’t be here ? now having results and knowing I’m at grade 1 early stage I can now relax a bit and look forward to it and hope to be posting for many more years with news of my grandchildren! Xx