Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday I have certainly fallen victim to the maintenance work on the site. All my posts today have disappeared. So this is a reposting - just in case tomorrow i find repeat copies of it!!


I would like to say here what a fantastic thing these forums are. Belonging to a generation that was not computer literate and dx with breast cancer 16 years ago this sort of support and information wasn’t available. I discovered BCC in February this year and was amazed at the wealth of support and information available to people being dx with breast cancer today. It was very soon that I then discovered the ‘other site’, and also found information about HER2 sites - the internet can truly be a force for good at its best.

The ‘other site’ to which so many of us also contribute is one year old today and I am sure many here would join me in congratulating those who set it up and to wish them good luck with the launch of their new web page access at www.bcpals.org.uk (which is a whole lot easier to remember than www.phpbbserver.com/breastcancer).


Here here. Congrats for all the good work to all - on both sites - and happy birthday & good luck to those on the ‘other site’, which I have found invaluable.

Dare I mention the contact buttons? I’m not often one to find any pluses in having breast cancer but yes Dawn the internet has been a fabulous resource and I often think how much ‘better’ it is to have cancer in an age where it is possible to meet so many other women through cyber space. For me the internet beats the possibilities of face to face support groups for lots of reasons.

Yes happy birthday to the other site which I joined the day after birth. But I still post more on BCC. Both are great sites with their own identities…

but one impetus for the other site (and certainly the impetus for the moment the other site ‘took off’ in March this year) was the end of contact buttons on this site. I think the facility to contact others privately is so crucial…so please BCC moderator I wonder if you could give us an update on when this site might have the facility again. I’m sure members want it and its silly for people to have to go to another site to make that personal contact.

Long may both sites (and others) flourish…with private messaging systems.


Time and time again I have seen posters here desperate to get in touch with each other. Well said Jane.