Happy Christmas and let's hope for a good New Year

Whatever is thrown at us…we are a strong lot of lovely ladies,supporting each other.No platitudes, no one saying how brave we’ are when you feel rubbish.No one asking "are you sure"when you mention going out for a walk,post op.This board,and this thread has been amazing,and will continue to add my little comments.Have had a rough time of it.4 breast ops 2000 to 2004,then Dx last summer,other side,more problems,culminating in my 13th op,a DIEP,in July this year.
Now have either build of of fluid or hernia in abdo area…waiting fir results of CT scan,and have more surgery.
BUT this board has helped me,as you realise you are not on your own.
HAPPY CHRISTMAS…to one and all.

Lovely post Jilly xxxxxx wishing you a festive but restful Christmas and hope the New year brings happiness and restores health xxxxx

Ahhh Jilly,  you write great stuff!

Thats a heck of a ride you’ve had. I agree, these boards are so important, the sense of normality whatever your stage or mood really helps


Sending love and hope and christmas tinsel for everyone! 



I would have been lost without this thread - I am awake so much now i am a starting to think I should re train as a postie in the new year!!  - dont know where i would be without it first thing in the morning and last thing at night…what a journey for so many of us.  But wanted to echo - very merry christmas and we are going to SMASH 2015 ladies!