happy easter

happy easter

happy easter happy easter ladies hope you all have a nice time took my wife to the local garden centre , bought some fertilizer for the allotment totally organic

And a Happy Easter… … to you and your wife!

Spent the afternoon building a pond with other half and planting stuff with the children in the garden, plus barbie (que not doll) lunch. Most therapeutic and here’s to many more of them.

Happy Easter one and all, however you choose to spend it.


Happy Easter asme9 and your Wife, Happy Easter Jenny.

My Husband and I spent a lovely day at a family gathering at our daughters.

I am doing a belated Christmas dinner tomorrow for all the family, as I had only just been told a couple of weeks before Christmas I had BC so the Chidren waited on us, I have just finished Radiotherapy so hopefully I will cope with tomorrow.

Happy Easter to you all.

Hugs Val. XXXX.