Happy with reconstruction?

Hi All
Can I ask how many ‘revisions’ any of you have been allowed to have to be happy with reconstruction?
I had a SM with immediate implant but due to radiotherapy I had the implant replaced and a lift/reduction on the ‘good’ side. However, the implant rotated 90* and looked very odd. Anyway, I had it replaced and although I don’t think this one has done the same it is very high and looks like I have a boob on top of a boob on the mastectomy side. I’m not expecting a perfect outcome but I thought at least after this op I’d be able to wear what I wanted without looking odd! I really don’t feel as though I could go back again as they basically said that was my last chance!
I’m thinking of having a consultation with a private clinic to see their take on it?!

Thanks in advance x

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Dear Lisajday

This is more common than we think, I have had lots of problems in the passed, however very happy now with my outcome.

I think you must find yourself a good plastic surgeon, not sure what part of the world you live in, however you need to have a good look at the private hospitals near home or where ever is best for you, and do some research, also asking others were they had there reconstruction, I live in London so quite easy to find the right person.

Wishing you lots of luck going forward, keep posting letting us know how your getting on

Hugs Tili :rainbow::pray::rainbow::pray:

Thank you. I feel really awkward asking for further revisions as I feel like I’m saying their ‘work’ wasn’t good enough, although I know both surgeons I had also do private work at a local private hospital. BTW I’m in the West Midlands.

Thank again x

Your post resonated with me. I’m hoping to have my expander replaced with an implant, and a lift for the other breast, later this year. I didn’t anticipate problems with the next implant and can well understand how you feel. I don’t expect to look like a super model after the reconstruction work, but I had imagined both breasts would look satisfactory, and like normal, natural breasts and similar-looking (and match up). Did your surgeon say why you can’t have another implant? I think I’m going to ask a lot of questions when I see mine.
My current implant looks reasonable but was affected by radiotherapy, and isn’t too comfy, hence the need for a new implant.
All the best,
Flowers and Bees