Hard and sore near WLE site

Evening ladies,

Just wondering if anyone else found a hard lump (painful to touch) near where their tumour was removed? I’ve been healing up well over the past three weeks but over the last couple of days it’s started to hurt again and feels different.

Maybe scar tissue?

Caroline x

Lumps & bumps are not unusual after surgery, Caroline.
It’s usually scar tissue, my scar felt a bit lumpy too, but the onc & surgeon were happy with it. Do check with your team if you’re concerned.
ann x

Hi Caroline, I’m two and a half years post wle and I still have a lump thats quite tender to touch. I mention it each time I have a check up and they say its definately scar tissue. Some of the surrounding area is still numb too so maybe I’ll never get all the feeling back. x

I still feel numb near the excision site but quite tender over the actual dent below the scar. Feels so weird so I’m not checking as much as I maybe should. My nipple is still blue too!! It faded quite a bit initially, but it’s not for budging now ?

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend despite boob-related challenges!

Caroline xx