hard implant

hi,my silicone implant has gone hard and feels like its in my armpit.this is my second implant as the last first one did the same.im really uncomfortable and its affecting my everyday life.trouble is i have secondarys in the chest area and my surgeon said to come back to see him when its more distorted.i dont think this is fair as the implant is more trouble than the cancer at the moment.i would like some advice please on what you all think.best wishes to you all.xxx

when they get encapsulated they can become sore and uncomfortable… it sounds as if yours is at this stage so it might be worthwhile going back to him and saying you would like it seen to now rather than further down the line… your breast care nurse should be able to support you.

whether they can replace it or not is something you might want to discuss too… im not sure how easy it would be for thme to actually replace with a new one, which may depend on where the secs are, but they should be able to remove the sore one at least.

hope you can get it seen to.


Hi Janet1956, I had my mastectomy in 1989 and had an LD flap with reconstruction done at the same time with an implant was inserted under my muscle. After a short time it became encapsulated and became hard and rather uncomfortable. They replaced it with a different type of implant, a much easier op from my point of view anyway and I am pleased to say it has been fine ever since. I have asked if it needs to be replaced again as a long time has passed, perhaps 19 years or so. But they seem to think it is still fine. It does cross my mind that it won’t last forever! I hope you can talk to someone about your problem and that you can be comfortable again soon. Love Val

hi,thanks for the feedback.i will see my surgeon a.s.a.p.love to all.xx