Hard lump found on lower quadrant of left breast close to chest wall, been referred

Hi, I’m new to this forum. I’m looking for some reassurance if possible. I found a lump about three months ago and due to the fact I am a pre menopausal 40 year old I assimed it would go away.  It hasnt so thought I would go to the GP yesterday.  She examined me and found the lump hard to locate. Eventually she did and has referred me to the breast clinic.  The lump is hard and not painful. It hasnt grown as far as I am aware in the last few months. The GP thinks it is almost certainly a cyst and has ticked the non urgent box on the referral form.  I however cannot stop thinking about this.  I have to have smear tests every six months due to abnormal CIN1 which is a worry in itself. The next smear is this week funny enough!  Can I  be confident that my GP is right in thinking it is a cyst. Oh and 6 years ago I had to have a duct remove from my right breast as I had a blood stained clear fluid leaking from my nipple. Cancer was not detected.  Just typing this is actually helping me calm down.  I havent told my husband or anyone about the lump as he is a person that panics and I feel that would make things worse. I know how he worries about my smear tests! Bless him. If anyone else has had the same kind of lump I would be grateful for any feedback. I like to be aware of whats going on. Thank you xx

Hi Motherharris

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Hi motherharris, I’m very new to this forum also, having just joined yesterday. I think you have two options open to you. You can trust the judgement of your GP who will have seen lots of lumps and bumps and, I believe, would fast track you to be on the safe side if there was even a slight chance of there being something suspicious going on. Or, you can get an appointment with another GP in your practice (making a huge assumption here that you are not with a sole practitioner) and go and ask why, in their opinion, the first GP didn’t fast track you given your previous history. I don’t think anyone would question why you need to have this explained to you. A second opinion might reassure you or fast track you, and is worth doing. Good luck, and let us know how you get on :wink:

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You have been referred to the specialists who are the people to tell you exactly what is going on.  TBH even if you tried to see another GP who may refer you urgently you may well be seen no quicker by the time you’d made the appointment etc.


My referral was not made urgently and I was still seen within 3 weeks anyway (completely different scenario, not at all like the hard lump you’ve described) .  I wasn’t expecting bad news, unfortunately it was, so I am forever grateful that my husband came with me on the day.  So, apologies if I’m talking out of turn, but I would advise you to take someone with you because, whatever the outcome of the appointment, there may be some information to process and it’s always useful to have another sets of ears to listen (and someone to keep you company if you have to wait).  


All the best with your upcoming appointments, hopefully all will be fine.



Hi Skinnyminx

Thanks for the reply. Sorry your news was not good. I think I will have a chat with my nurse colleagues im sure one of them will be a willing volunteer. I dont want to make a fuss at home my eldest starts study leave soon for his GCSE’s. Thanks again and good luck to you xx

Im sure you are right Batgirl2 xx

Got my appointment through now. Its the 24th March. Feels like a lifetime away.  I cant stop thinking about it. I keep looking at the internet to see if my lump is similar to the benign lumps. Its hard and oval, deep beneath the skin so not sure if it moves or if its the tissue on top that moves. Its not tender/painful. I just want know what im dealing with. Im a bit af a control freak at heart! Sorry feeling a blurghhh! I would like to hear from anyone good or bad xx Oh I have also told hubby now. He hadnt said anything, strangely!!

Hi thanks for the reply. If you also feel the need to chat then msg me. Let me know how it goes nxt week hun xx

Hi ladies.I’m also waiting to be seen at breast clinic.got my appointment for 26th march.it will be 5wk since I went to dr then tho! Think my refferal was misplaced! My lump feels the same as ur describing urs mother harris.it’s in my right breast about 2 inch up from the nipple.the waiting is just torture isn’t it! Xx

Hi Plop2014, the waiting is horrible. I cant believe you have waited 5 wks. That is not fair on you. Did your gp give any indication what he/she thought it could be?

Hi motherharris.the GP just said it is probably just general lumpiness but I Cant settle until I know for sure.I’m climbing the walls at the min,Just want to know where I stand with it all.if its bad news then I will cross that bridge when I get there but at the min I’m in limbo xx

Appointment tomorrow at 15.05! Feeling quite calm at the moment!! Going on my own.

Good luck motherharris.Will be thinking of u,do **bleep** bk n let us know how u get on.same to u arosie xx

Oooops!! Think my phone auticorrected with a swear word haha! Was meant to say do get bk to us lol xx

Good luck ladies for your appointments today xx

Thanks lovies! Sat waiting to go in now. Ok so coming on my own was probably not the best idea, only because Ive got no one to talk to, bear that in mind fellow appointmentees! xx