Hard lump in centre of chest



I’m 42. About a week ago i noticed a bean-sized hard immovable lump in the centre of the chest, between the breasts. It feels oval and smooth and is sore. I have a GP appt on friday, but just wondering if anyone had had anything right in the middle like that, and could shed any light on it.



I have a lump in same area and am waiting for my appointment at the breast clinic on 28 December.  When I went to see my own doctor after finding the lump quite by accident (it can only be felt when I lie down) he said he thought it “felt like a cyst” and not to worry - so I’m trying not to worry (I have had a cyst before in the other breast about 6 years ago which felt different).  I found this one nearly a month ago and it doesn’t seem to have grown in size since then which I’m hoping is a good sign.  I hope everything goes well for you when you have your examination.

Thanks for your reply MissPenelope. I’ll update here after my dr appt tomorrow. Good luck with your appt too and please let me know how you get on.

Hi, just a quick update. GP pretty sure it’s an infected cyst. Has prescribed a course of antibiotics and wants me to see him again on 4th Jan. If it’s still there then he will refer me to breast cancer clinic. Said he’s not concerned, and if he was he would refer me now. Thanks. Will keep you updated. Dawn.

Update: the antibiotics reduced the lump in size and stopped it hurting. Went back to the GP. he still thinks it’s a cyst and said it may go on it’s own, or he can refer me to have it checked. We agreed to watch and wait. But he said I can go back at anytime if I want a referral.


i’m a little worried too about a hard lump that is growing on my breast bone between my right breast and my left masectomy reconstruction site…i’m hoping like you that someone else has had this and can put my mind at rest. My doc said i should hear from the breast clinic yesterday or today…still waiting.