Hard lump in my reconstruction

Morning everyone

I am currently on chemotherapy after my modified radical mastectomy where I had a df reconstruction only and no implant. I had 2 out of 21 nodes positive, the tumour was grade 3 and I am her2 positive.

Last night when I was undressing my husband noticed that my reconstruction looked a funny shape. I had everything done on 17 December 2009.

The lump feels like a stone and when I touch it, i can feel it in my back due to it being a dorsi flap reconstruction.

I am up in Yorkshire at the moment and am thinking of going back to Hertfordshire today to see if I can see my consultant. I am registered up here with a gp so could definitely see a gp tomorrow.

One more thing as well as really painful cellulitis and phlibitis which I am on antibiotics for, my bra size has gone up. Before my op I was a 36a. The bra i wear now is 38b and yesterday I noticed it was too tight. So I’m going to have to go up to a 40a or b.

Any advice or comments gratefully received.

Hi everyone

Just thought I’d let you know that the hard lump in my reconstruction was two cysts. I saw my breast consultant this morning after getting an appointment yesterday.

My breast consultant used an ultrasound in his office to see what my lump was and saw straight away that it was a cyst. He then took a needle to drain the cysts and exmplained because my reconstruction is all me and not a implant it can cause cysts sometimes.

I have to go back in four weeks time to see if there are more cysts in which case a radiographer will take over.