Hard lump on clavicle 2 years after BC

Hi all


I have not posted before but have always found this site an amazing site for support and information and was wondering if anyone might be able to offer me some advice about a lump I have just found on my clavicle.


I was diagnosed with invasive ductal BC 2 years ago - I found the lump even though it didn’t show on a mammogram.  I have been having yearly mammograms from 40 years due to family history and was 46 when I was diagnosed.  Generally everything went well, no nodal involvement, lump was only 9mm so lumpectomy and rads and am on Tamoxifen as oestrogen positive.  Didn’t have a clear margin first time as smaller invasive lobular BC also found so MRI to confirm no more lurking which came back clear and a second operation.


Had a few blips, lymphoedma to breast and a soft swelling to neck.  Also I had my ovaries removed 6 months ago as my mum died in early 50’s from ovarian cancer, but they were all clear thankfully!


I am just coming up for my 2nd year mammogram but then last week I found a hard lump on my clavicle.  It feels very like my first lump which was very high up on my breast, almost on my chest which consultant thinks may be why mammogram missed it.  It is probably about 1cm diameter although irregular in shape, smooth and feels like it is attached to the bone.  Did wonder if it may be a spur but doesn’t feel quite as hard as bone. Went to GP last week and she felt it needed looking at.  Of course she said it was probably nothing but they said that last time too.  I now have an appointment with consultant on Wednesday and needless to say I am getting really worried that my cancer has come back.  I realise there is nothing I can do but wait for appointment and i am trying to be positive but just can’t think what else it might be?


If anyone else out there has had a simalar experience I would love to hear from you?  I do speak to my husband but dont like to worry him so tend to play it down when really I am scared stiff.



Hi Cattykins,
Well, first of all welcome to the forum & sorry to hear you have this worry.
I had my primary bc a year ago & similar diagnosis & treatment to you, but have no other symptoms currently.
Certainly, other ladies here have reported lumps post treatment which turned out to be nothing serious.
As ever, there’s no magic wand in dealing with the wait, but thankfully you have the appointment soon.
Do come back & chat if you need to
take care
ann x

Hi cattykins just wondered how you are doing? I too have found a hard supraclavicular lump in my neck about 3cm. I have had biopsy and it’s cancerous. Had breast cancer 6 and a half years ago. Mastectomy chemo and rads followed by 5 years arimidex. Waiting for CT results. I am scared to death. Been told it’s Chemo again for me. I am devastated. Anyone else been through this?

Still waiting to see Oncologist although I have been informed my lobular breast cancer is back in the supraclavicular node after 6.1/2 years. Life is so cruel. Good news it doesn’t appear to be anywhere else. Got to have MRI and poss bone scan next.