Hard lumps near scar where i had WLE!

Hi, it’s me again…moaning mini…lol…i think i might bring my bed to this site, since i am always on it, looking for inspiration…lol.
Anyway,.i had WLE surgery to my right breast about 2 months ago and the scar has healed well but under my scar line it feels very hard and lumpy.It doesnt hurt either. I am worrying that it’s recurrance. I am majorly paranoid about any lumps or bumps since my diagnosis. I was just wondering if there is anyone else with lumpy and bumpy scars. I think it’s scar tissue but you just never know with this breast cancer stuff!..

Karen xx

Hi KB,
I had WLE, beginning of march and my scar was lumpy bumpy and quite hard too. My onc said to rub some e45 cream in to help soften it and have to say it feels ok now. I understand how you feel though as I am just the same.

Love KQ

Hiya Kittyqueen,
I will rub some E45 on it, thanks very much for advise… . I feel a bit silly posting this thread,but i get like this time to time. Paranoia sets in unfortunately…i never want to see a lump again tbh…lol

K xx

Hi KB…I had WLE 4 months ago and for about 8 to 10 weeks had lumpy bits under the scar. My Onc said it was the tissue healing and to rub acqueous cream in…think E45 works well too. She also warned - and was absolutely right that the tissue underneath the scar and surrounding area would feel tender during chemo (if you’re having that) as new tissue is rapidly dividing and more affected by chemo than ‘old’ tissue!!!

Hope that helps…but if you are in any doubt, phone the member of your team you have the most faith in to seek reassurance…

Maryland, thank you for reply… well, funnily enough i have started my first chemo and since then my scar has felt a bit more tender.I shall defo put some E45 cream on although i hate touching it. It just brings back bad memories of the tumor.

K xx

Glad to be of help :slight_smile: if you’ve not used E45 before, just be aware it contains lanolin, which I was sensitive to, so switched to aqueous which sort of melts into the skin and was gentle…the 'lumps improved within 2 weeks! Just think of rubbing where the cancer used to be, better!!! Also you can buy a huge tub in a well known shop where everything costs £1 lol…hugs for your journey…chemo is not pleasant, but doable. ASK Onc/chemo suite/chemo ward for what you need to manage side effects, dont suffer in slience…I have 2 more to go; 5th tomorrow and final three weeks today :slight_smile: xx

Hi Maryland,
As far as im aware E45 is ok for my skin but i will certainly try it and see how i get on.
I am actually feeling Ok with the chemo at the moment, so far i haven’t really had any bad side affects. Maybe it’s because its only my first one…who knows however I am expecting my hair to fall out fairly soon so i must admit i am dreading this.
Wow, that you only have 2 more to go. i have 5 more to go…lol…then mine doesnt end there as i have to have rads and herceptin…ive been thrown in the kitchen sink…lol…but hey…it might be a bit gruelling but we have to think ourselves lucky that we have such brilliant drugs…well thats the way i see it anyway…:)…
K xx

Hello KB

I concur with Maryland. I had my operation in January, but at the same time had a lift, so my scaring is different, it’s like an anchor. However I also felt a hard lump near the scar site so I saw my surgeon. She too said it was scar tissue healing, and to massage it to help. She also said it can take up to 2 years for everything to settle and be back to normal. I’m luckily a week away from my last chemo and weirdly feel really excited at this thought. I am then on to radiotherapy starting in moated July for 18 sessions.

Good luck with the journey and as everyone else no doubt says just ask here or BCN. If any worries.

Carolyn xxx

Thank you Carolyn…:)…

Excellent news Carolyn, that you have nearly finished chemo. I bet its a great feeling. my next one is on the 19th June, so after that i will only have 4 to go…lol…


Hi K

Had lumpectomy about 4/5 weeks ago and yes I have a hard ridge under scar. It’s tender but doesn’t hurt. Hope you coping with everything ok

Donna xx

It’s almost certainly internal healing that you can feel. Don’t forget that the slicing and dicing didn’t just involve the scar you can see on the skin. Inside, your breast tissue will have been prodded, poked, squished and squeezed, and in places that aren’t just under the scar tissue either. My surgeon said she’d “fluffed up” (her words) the rest of the breast tissue to make the dent where the tumour had been less noticeable, and she did an excellent job, but that did mean I had stitches and stuff in lots of other places internally. My poor boob is still lumpy 16 months after, but I have had several examinations for assorted lumps I found. I was also advised that you are more prone to getting cysts during chemo, and I did have several that needed to be drained. So I suggest you have a chat with your BCN to let her know your worries, and let her have a look and a feel so she can reassure you.

Good luck with the chemo, rads, herceptin and whatever else they throw at you. I had 6 x FEC, 4 weeks of rads, am currently on Tamoxifen (plus anti-depressants to knock the flushes and mood swings on the head) and I am happy to announce that I only have two more rounds of Herceptin to go. My hair’s grown back, and to look at me you’d never know what I’ve been through since December 2010. Herceptin’s a loooooong slog, but not physically draining, well I haven’t found it so, it’s been an inconvenience having to go every 3 weeks, rather than a debilitating treatment. Like you, I’m just glad they are willing to spend the money on me!

It’s good that you can take a realistic and sensible view of it all, seeing it as a
way to keep the cancer away, even if the treatment itself is nasty. But even if you do have bad days through treatment, don’t beat yourself up for not “staying positive” about it all. You have a right to whinge and moan occasionally, I firmly believe a good moan does you good! So come onto the forums and get it off your chest (if you’ll forgive the choice of phrase), there will be plenty of people here who understand just what you’re going through.

Thank you very much, Donna, yes mine doesnt hurt but feels kind of tender, especially where they took the nodes out, that feels well weird…

Thank you very much, Chocciemuffin, they never mentioned anything about cycts etc but then they never really say much. Saying that…i dont ask. I just let them do their job.The less info i get the better, otherwise i’d worry. I’m sure that they will do breast checks quite often anyway.
I think im starting Hercptin the same time as i have tax…not really sure but im having a years worth . so its going to take me right until april next year…although im not sure when i will get rads…all these drugs are driving me crazy…lol…

k x

Yes, you’ll probably start Herceptin at the same time as Tax. Then continue Herceptin every 3 weeks following on from there. It’s SOO much easier than chemo. And you’ll have rads a few weeks after your last chemo. Exactly how much depends on your hospital, but they do like to give you a bit of time to recover from chemo before they start to zap you. I think I had about 4 weeks. If you’re going to be on Tamoxifen then they’ll start that a few weeks after the end of chemo as well.

And if you’re worried about your lumpy bits, then ask your BCN to have a look. That’s what they’re there for, so don’t feel bad about asking for reassurance. That’s much better than just worrying and not saying anything because you don’t want to bother them!

Hiya chokkiemuffin, OK thanks for that. I cant have Tamoxifen because i am er- unfortunately so no hormone therapy for me.
Tbh ive stopped worrying about the lumps and its due to you lot that im feeling better about it, so thamk you…

K x