Hard, movable, pea-sized lump above my right breast?

I’m 23 and within the past two months I’ve developed a hard, smooth, pea-sized lump above my right breast, still on the tissue rather than my actual ribs. It hurts when I press/squeeze it and sometimes I notice a small throbbing in that area. It moves around a little and when I tried to squeeze it because I thought it might just be a pimple, it really hurt, seemed pretty solid and the top looked near-white.


Should I be worried? Should I go to the doctor? There’s also a very small, painless lump under my left breast but I’m convinced that’s just a fatty lump. Could be wrong though? Are there any younger people on here diagnosed with breast cancer that would mind sharing their stories? I’m very worried but I’ve come to a point in my life where I don’t want to stress myself out unnecessarily, so I’m trying to be pragmatic about it. Thank you for reading :slight_smile:



Hi Lucy,welcome to the forum.If the lump is worrying you you should go to the GP and get it checked out or it will just be playing on your mind .The vast majority of lumps turn out to be nothing sinister ,if you have a read the other threads in this section you will see that most people report back that there is another explanation for their symptoms .The GP will probably refer you to the breast clinic for further investigation ,that’s not because they think it’s cancer but because it is very hard for them to say for certain what they are feeling without the benefit of ultrasound/mammogram .Let us know how you get on.Jill.