Hard skin around scar

Hi girls I am on my 9th session of 20 (including booster) and I started feeling a bit sort of hard lump in the middle of my scar which I know they are blasting. Just wondered if any of you felt the same or any strange changes in the breast? I was told it could possibly be scar tissue so I spoke to the breast care nurses and they might give me an appointment soon to check. otherwise so far no major side effects and skin is feeling ok. :slight_smile:

Hi lulu. Think you will find it is scar tissue as I had similar but worth getting checked out. My boob around where the boosters were aimed are quite lumpy bumpy so giving a few more days for it to settle then go from there. I am 6 day post last zap and feeling good.

Thank you for your reply Gill. I spoke to the nurse again today and I felt better. She said to expect changes for the next 6 months. Also she said that 6 weeks after radiotherapy I will get an appointment to check the breast and if anything is suspicious it will be scanned. For now I just have to wait like you said for things to settle. It’s difficult to judge when everything feels different. Good to know it’s something others have experienced :slight_smile: