Hard swollen breast 2 weeks after surgery

Saw the surgeon on Thursday and everything good - no need for chemo just radiotherapy and letrozole for 5 years. Only slight issue is fluid on the breast which he said my body should absorb otherwise he might need to drain it off. Fairly keen that he won’t need to so wondered if  anyone has any suggestions as to how I might help the process?  Love Eileen xx

Hi Eileen, so glad you’ve avoided the chemo route too, that’s just the best possible news isn’t it (still can’t help smiling every time I think that thought!).


I’m almost 4 weeks post WLE & SNB and I had/have some fluid build up but it didn’t really bother me until the general swelling started to go in the middle of week 3 which is when it became more noticeable. Now, at almost the end of week 4, I can see that the fluid build up is gradually fading away and I haven’t done anything in particular to help it along.  I have noticed that it seems to drain more quickly on days when I am less active so I’m trying to be sensible and although I do my BCC exercises every day, I’m careful to have at least 3 days a week where that is the only exercise I do other than a leisurely pootle to the corner shop (I’m used to walking at a fair pace for approx. 90 minutes a day) I don’t know if that is what is making the difference or whether it is just that time is healing it, but either way, it’s working :slight_smile: