Hard tissue in Tram recon breast?

Hi - had a mastectomy with immediate recon June 6th this year - general shape and size of new boob is great and flat tummy (albeit slow healing flat tummy) a real bonus…however, the top part of my reconstruction feels really quite hard and I have almost what I would describe as a ridge - similar in appearance to a 1980’s bad implant - you know where you could see the shape of the implant through the skin? I have a suspicion my surgeon will sort this out in stage 2 (lift for other side, lipo under arm, new nipple and tweaking) but just wondered if anyone else had this and whether it softened over time? The main part of the boob feels like a real boob, wobble included - its just this top bit that feels hard and actually a bit sore - wonder if its still healing and I am being ultra impatient???


Hi Ruby, its a long time since my TRAM recon but the healing wasn’t uniform and it did settle over time. It is such a huge op it takes the body quite a while to get over, isn’t it. I think if it worries or bothers you, a quick call to your bcn might be a big help
hope you get all healed up soon xx

Hi Ruby

Had my tram 6 years ago. A hard ridge developed on this side towards the axilla. it really bothered me at first. But my surgeon urged patience and now the skin/flesh over it has osftened and the boob is great. Hope yours does the same - took 6-9 months which seems an age I know but it will pass quickly!

K x

thanks to you both for replying!

Patience is not really my strong point, it seems to be taking forever to recover from this op - I was up and about pretty quick with my WLE but this is a different kettle of fish entirely!