Hardening of breast after Radiotherapy

Hi all I finished rads at end of June


My breast became very swollen during radiotherapy and it has not lessoned.


Now inside is getting harder and harder, I also have an egg shape lump form under scar where lump removed.


Its very noticable how much larger this breast is to other.


I assume all this is internal scarring from rads, and maybe scar tissue has formed around fluid in breast.


Have any of you experienced this in the months after rads?


I see oncologist in couple weeks, called BCN who said she would arrange a scan but she never did as totally swamped with workload and few staff.


I have given up trying and will wiat to see oncologist but am a bit worried.


Thank you




 I have had exactly that. I also finished end June and breast is fuller and harder than the other one and quite sore but not unbearably so. I also have a bruised feeling in ribs below. My BCN checked it out and said breast odema.