Has any else been offered a temporary implant and skin conservation at MX? I

I was diagnosed in March , untook chemo straight away to try to shrink it as large lump . Since finished chemo it has shrunk but still need full mx and node clearance :frowning: I was told I would need rads after so no possibility of immediate recon and then this week I was given my op date ( next Friday ! 23 August ) and told I could have a temporary implant ?!! Bit confused as to what this will help with as apart from the fact I won’t have to “miss” my breast which was scary and conserving some skin for later not sure worth the risk of infection … Anyone else had this offered as I cannot find anything anywhere…

I had chemo first to shrink lump . Then mx with expander implants which can be replaced at a later date. I have now had rads which finished last Friday with no obvious damage to implant as yet. Wendy x x

It sounds as if this might be too late for your decision, but I would say go for it!


I have one and the advantages are more natural reconstruction/better cosmetic results, avoiding the patchwork look and keeping all the options open.