Has anybody needed more chemo after neo-adjuvant chemo

Hi All
I am currently having neo-adjuvant FEC before mastecomy. I have been told its unlikely that I`d need more chemo after the surgery. But after the badnews of BC its hard to get rid of a worry that theres always more to come.
Has anybody had to have a 2nd chemotherapy treatment, and why ?

Dear Jane,

I had to have chemo afterwards, but I know that this is very unusual. I was high-risk (ER-/PR-/Her2+++), loads of nodes even after chemo and diagnosed within a year of having a baby (very bad for survival chances). Although FEC works well for some people, it didn’t work for me and I was put on taxotere, which agreed with me much better. Later on I had a year of herceptin when it became available.

The bad news is that I had lots of chemo, but the good news is that I wasn’t expected to live to see my little boy go to school and he starts in September.

However, I would stress that it is very rare to need two chemos.

Hi Christine
Thanks for the reply. Think I am in a better sittuation that you were, I am ER+, PR+ (Her2 unknown as ran out of biopsy material). However I was diagnosed when baby girl 6 wks old - whats the effect of just post pregnancy do you think ? Also good for me is that the FEC is working really really well. I am pleased to hear its so rare. Also delighted it worked for you. I cannot get over how effective the chemotherapy treatments are.

I bet your gonna miss him when he goes to school, my little boy will go next sep.


hi i had chemo before mastectomy to shrink the tumor which was 4 cm at the start then shrank to 1 cm befroe the op but when i had the surgery it was found that the are was much larger around the tumor site and i had 5 of the 12 lymph nodes infected i then had taxotere and was really ill with that one so didnt complete the whole course ,im now on arimadex after radiotherapy, i have lobular candre which is spore like hence the mop up procedure. hope you continue to recover well love lynn xx