Has anyone been able to juggle chemo with a holiday abroad!!

I ask as I am booked to take kids to florida sept 1st, looking like I may have to have chemo and was wondering if it can be juggled assuming I’m well enough??? before you all think that’s a shallow question, check my thread under newly diagnosed " I can’t believe it" …I’ve done my time once! I have done chemo before , at that time the regime for me was 6xCMF and I tollerated it quite well ( mind I had no family to look after then) clinging onto hope as everything else seems to be slipping away??? XXX I know it’s irrational but those who ‘know’ me after a few short weeks will know I’m worried about dissapointing my 9 yr old autistic boy…someone throw me something to hope for J

Hi J

I was just coming to the end of my last three FEC and wanted to go abroad before I started tax so asked my onc. He looked at me with utter disbelief that I had asked, his face was a picture and it was an absolute NO. I was gutted. Even if onc had said yes not sure whether I would have got travel insurance.

If you do have to have chemo, is there any way you could postpone your trip to a later date so as to not disappoint your little boy completely - its heartbreaking isn’t it.

I eventually got away after rads finished and had to take a letter with me from the hospital in case something happened whilst away.

Looking back I’m glad my onc said no because it was only after chemo had finished and I was feeling better that I realised I wouldn’t have enjoyed my hols. It is bad enough being on a plane at the best of times but with seriously lowered immunity it could be another ticking time bomb.

Sorry this post isn’t the hopeful one you were looking for - maybe someone else has managed to get away and will post later.

Take care. Love xxx

Sorry J, another negative response. I was booked to go to Lanzarote 10 days after my final chemo and was told by the onc that my immunity would be at its lowest and in planes they recirculate the air so I would be likely to get infected. She also said that due to the chemo and forthcoming RADs I would have to keep out of the sun, and due to risk of infection I wouldn’t be able to swim in pools or the sea. Didn’t sound like much of a holiday even if she’d agreed to me going.

I agree with Swissmiss, get those holiday dates changed as soon as you know whether chemo is a definite.

Good luck with everything

When I had chemo last yr my twins were 21 I wanted to delay mine for a week my onc sd no also maybe we have same one lol I did delay it for a wk anyway but have just been dx with secondarys so it was always on my mind if I had it on time eat if like my onc sd u can go on holiday and time making u well is a one shot it’s hard I know my son lost out on he’s sch hold I had mine all summer but they cope tc

J whatever the practical issues of going to Florida whilst on chemo, I think it’s extremely unlikely you would be able to get any travel insurance to cover you - and going to the US without it could bankrupt you. Sorry - I know that’s not what you wanted to hear.


I had my last chemo 2 wks ago and am going to Lanzarote in 2 wks time, i did check with my onco 1st and she said provided I dont lay out sunbathing I will be ok, have looked into insurance and have been pleasantly surprised that I can get cover although the BC isnt covered, but like my onco said I should be ok providng I have my E111 form and as have ins if do get ill will be covered if not BC related.

Hi J,
As you know, I have had bc twice and both times I have gone to South Africa during my chemo with my onc’s blessing. I live in Switzerland and insurance to go abroad is no big deal here, so that was OK. I felt I could not let my family down, and it was not easy, especially the 12 hour flight, but I did manage to enjoy myself. My family was understanding, and did not expect too much of me. The first time (2003) was 10 days after my first chemo of AC. Afterwards my husband said, goodness that holiday was much more tiring than any other. He didn’t even realise at the time he had to do everything, driving, cooking, and making sure the kids were OK. I lost my hair out there. The 2nd time (last year), it was with my older old son and his girl friend and my DS son. They knew they would have to do most of the cooking and driving and a good time was had by one and all. It was 10 days after my first tax (after 3 fec). It was also a bit of a pilgrimage, as it was the first time we had returned after my husband had died.
So J, I wish you all the best, whatever you choose to do.
Love Maria

Thanks for all your comments, we booked last year and got cover inc for bc as it had been such a long time 14 yrs!! its just the dissapointment ??? xxxxx

J, go when chemo is finished and make it a really good holiday. Sorry this has happened to you again but the Florida holiday will still be fantastic even if a few months / a year later than anticipated.