Has anyone been diagnosed with a giant upper thoracic lipoma after Breast Cancer?

Hi All

3 months after completing Radiotherapy treatment, I was in agony with my arm, had Physio who then referred me to the Lymphedema clinic because it had started to swell, they then referred me back to the Breast team as they thought it was nerve damage. Started on Gabapentin which was great for my arm but then my back became a slowly worsening problem.

I have had 2 bone scans over the past 2 years, nothing substantial appeared, facet joint injections and denervation which helped a little bit on my good side.

A CT scan and ultrasound scan were performed 4 months ago when along with intense pain my supaclavicular area swelled along with my neck, nothing substantial showed again.

Went to the pain clinic in desperation and he ordered an urgent MRI which has showed a 10cm benign tumour  (Lipoma) in my upper thoracic region.

Im hoping they will take it out soon, has anyone else experienced something similar and how are you now

Thank you for taking the time to read this