Has anyone been diagnosed with breast cancer who has ME/CFS?

Hi everyone

I’m 52 and have been living with moderate/severe ME for over 15 years.

Following a routine mammogram I was invited to the breast screening centre for further mammograms and an ultrasound. An 11mm lump was found in my right breast which the Doctor told me was cancer. He took two biopsies and left me with a little piece of titanium (a marker) in my right breast. I’ve decided to call this lump, the imposter in my body, ‘Mickey’ (after Metal Mickey - it’s an age thing!)

I’m due to get the results of the biopsies on Monday and to see the surgeon later in the week.

All this waiting is horrible and playing havoc with my ME, but not long to go now …

Hiya, I don’t have ME/CFS but I do have fibromyalgia and I’m exhausted. I was diagnosed on Friday. My advice is rest when you need too. Don’t be too hard on yourself this is a big thing we are going through x