Has anyone been misdiagnosed with fibroadenoma?

I am 33 years old and I found a small lump in my left breast at the beginning of the month. I had a mammogram/ultrasound last week and they confirmed my lump and said it was a fibroadenoma. They told me they wanted to do a biopsy on it which I had today. I was very hesitant about them saying it was nothing to worry about. But I’m so anxious for the results. My mom had stage 1, my grandma had stage 2 and my aunt had stage 4 and passed away in her early 30’s. I have been having pain in the area and didn’t think anything of it until I found the lump. They told me results will take 3-4 days.

Has anyone been misdiagnosed with a fibroadenoma and turned out it was cancer? 

Hi @narvaezj12 , we know waiting for results can be stressful. 

Would it help to speak to our team of breast care nurses? You can reach us on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm), or even leave a message for our team directly on this forum under these boards.

Sending our best wishes ahead of your results


I was told I had a fibroadenoma, after having 7 or so fine needle aspirations in 2003. As I was 48 I was on the old side to have a lump left where it was so I decided to have it taken out, even though this was going to leave a bit of a dent.

I found the lump in June 2003. I had the FNAs at a private clinic on the NHS in July or so. I had mammograms which showed nothing in 2003.

When the lump was removed in November 2003 they changed the diagnosis and told me in early December 2003 that it was cancer. Grade 1 and of a rare type .

I was quite young to have breast cancer. Only 1 in 50 in the age group 40-50 is diagnosed with breast cancer.

However rare it is, every lump needs investigation and I would advise core biopsies rather than fine needle aspiration as it takes more tissue from the lump, and it’s a lot less painful. That’s been my experience although it might seem counterintuitive to take more and the pain to be less…



Hi @narvaezj12. So sorry to hear you’re going through this. In January I found a lump in my right breast and had an ultrasound as I wasn’t 40. The radiographer was smiling and saying cyst and they she went quiet and said there was inflammation. As a result they did a FNA. She said if it’s clear then fab it’s a cyst but if the fluid has blood it would need to be sent for analysis. Nothing came out. It was a solid lump. The. I had to have a full core biopsy. Results were benign fibroadenoma. I am now waiting for my 2nd referral appointment after finding another 2 lumps in my left breast this time. I went to gp and she said she felt a 3rd. My apt is 17th which is just under the 2 ww. I can’t say I was misdiagnosed but that doubt is always there. It’s the waiting that is the worst. Waiting for your appointment and waiting for the results.

Keeping everything crossed for you. Xx