Has anyone changed brand of Tamoxifen and felt better?

Hi, I’ve been thinking about stopping taking Tamoxifen as I really just want to feel normal and well again. A nurse has suggested that I could try taking a different brand of Tamoxifen as some women have reported that it made a difference. I was wondering if anyone here on the forums has experience of this they could share?

Hi Helm, Although I am taking Anastrozole hormone I have also noticed a difference in the brand that you are given by your GP pharmacy, which can vary.

I started off with the Accord brand with few side effects, then they changed supplier to Teva brand and still no real problems. But when I noticed a change to Zentiva brand then I was feeling all the side effects that I thought i had got away with!!

The most noticeable one is the hot flushes and dopy mind!! Some will argue that one isnt anything to do with it!  LOL

My main side effect has been irregular heartbeat, which i understand from others on here, is a side effect that is often overlooked unless you speak up and get checked, which is what i am doing when i see a cardiologist next month.

Overall, i feel that compared to some ladies and their horrendous side effects, i am not doing too bad after all!! Only another 4 and a half years to go taking it!

Best of luck and good wishes,

Cheers, Michele x

Hi Helm

             Ive been on Tamoxifen for 2 years always had Teva until this month apparently there is a shortage and the last prescription I got was Wockhart I was very uneasy about taking it as heard dreadful reports on Wokhart and I was going on holiday so really didnt want any nasty surprises, now I have to say I have felt much better on it ? gone is the constatnt nausea and the flushes dont seem as bad either could be psychologiical but I dont think so, my onc once said it is good to change it now and then he could have been right, all the best