Has anyone changed from letrozole to exemestane

y onc has just changed my meds from letrozole to exemestane due to joint pain, and although she has said if I wish I can change back if the pains no better, I’m feeling anxious about the change. Been taking the letrozole for 1year, I’ve got another 2 weeks of letrozole and I’m still taking them. I keep looking at the box of exemestane but for the life of me I cant take them instead!! I’ve got a bad case of “better the devil you know” syndrome. Has anyone else made this change? I would really appreciate your advice, thanks

hello ellielou,… im taking exemestane. i was swapped from tamoxifen because i suffered terrible side effects… i was also worried about the change… but im doing fine, the horrid side effects, ie depression weight gain ( 2 stone in 2 months )and bad joint pain i had with tamoxifen have gone … i do get dodgy knees some mornings but that wears off during the day .
swapping them worked out great for me… angie x

Hi ElliLou,

I have taken Anastrazole,Exemestane and Letrozole over a 3 and half year period, I really couldnt tolerate the pain from the Arimidex so was changed to Femara, due to the constant bladder infections I was changed to Aromasin, out of all of them, Aromasin suited me the least, so after experiencing the side effects of all of them, it was then down to me to decide which drug had the side effects that were the most acceptable to me personally.

BUT and this is a big BUT ! every single person who takes these drugs will experience the side effects differently, and some people will experience hardly any side effects, your body will process the drug differently to everyone elses and theres no telling which one will suit you the best.but if you dont try it you will never know if Examestane is the one that for you gives the least side effects, I know many people who take it without any problems whatsoever.

Once you have tried Examestane for a few months, you will then know if the side effects ( If any ) are better or worse than the Letrozole and you can then make an informed choice as to which drug you want to continue on, if you didnt try it, you wouldnt ever know if it was better or worse for you, at the end of the day, you can always go back to letrozole, gooid luck with your choices


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Hi Ellieloo

I was on tamox to start with. That didn’t suit me at all, made me very depressed. Then I went onto Letrozole which gave me horrendous migraine, I do have migraine anyway but it made it much worse.

I’ve now been on Exemestane for just over a year. I had very stiff joints first thing in the morning to start with but that didn’t last very long and now I’m fine. Maybe the only thing is tiredness sometimes but that might be running around after my 2 year old grandson!!!

Give it a try. You’ve nothing to lose and maybe a lot to gain.

Jan x

PS Also I have had no problem controlling my weight (bonus).

I took the letrozole and then exemastane but couldn’t stand the side effects of either. There’s no way I can endure the pain and limping about like an 80 year old lady for the next 5 years.

After discussion with the doc (where it was made clear that in my case the drug gives me only an extra 3% chance of non-recurrence) I decided to stop taking it and feel the best I’ve felt in the past 12 months.

I’m now back to walking, swimming, gardening, housework and socialising totally pain free so I have no regrets.

I switched from tamoxifen to Aromasin and noticed an improvement overall, although I do have more joint problems now. I need to do some basic exercises before getting up but then things aren’t too bad. Fatigue is better than it was on tamoxifen, but still an issue. Having said that, it has just gone generic and that may make a difference …

I’m happily walking, swimming and curling. I do have a problem lifting the stone but that is more to do with the strength on my surgery side than the drug.

This is such an individual thing that I suspect you won’t know until you give it a try. You may find you are much better, but you may find things are worse and I don’t think that there is any way you can tell in advance.

Good luck!
Eliza xx