Has anyone considered bariatric surgery?

I’ve read a few people’s posts and it seems weight gain is pretty standard for breast cancer patients. I have put on so much weight, I’m just so uncomfortable - I don’t even have a big appetite, it just seems I need to look at food and I put weight on. My medical team tell me not to worry about it, and I get that in the context of cancer and saving your life it isn’t as important. But obesity brings with it a whole host of other medical issues - ones I’m desperate not to suffer from too. But I literally cannot find anyone to help me lose the weight. I’m just told to diet, to exercise, to rest, to sleep. I can’t do this on my own. I’m out of energy. I’m out of resource. I’ve used everything up going through treatment. 

I know bariatric surgery is extreme but if the future means that I will find losing weight “nigh on impossible” (quote from my medical team!) then maybe this is the only solution. Am I mad? 

@Fliss Demir  Hi i was on the chemo monthly thread and having just finished radiotherapy was looking at others and saw your message. I too have put on lots of weight the nurses kept saying i had to eat even tho I didnt have much appetite and I wasnt going to waste away lol. I have osteoarthritis and had one knee done in 2019 and should of had other done this year but obviously i joined the cub no one wants to be in.

Day to day life is difficult now due to weight gain and post treatment side effects. Ive never thought of bariatric path but know there are criteria you have to tick to get it. It’s also a drastic move and not one i could cope with. 

I did contact the hospital im under and they do a healthy grouo but it doesnt start until beginning Feb which is to far away for me. However he also told me i was entitled to free 12 weeks slimming world or ww so i opted for sw, I start straight after new year.

Happy to add as friend or swap tel numbers to whatsapp if you want to. I totally get doing it alone is hard.

I have my nieces wedding next week and really dont want to go as not happy with the way i look but im going to do my best in new year.

Louise xx