Has anyone done Mimicking Fasting Diet during weekly Taxol infusion?

I will start my 12 weekly taxol next week. I have made up my mind to definitely do fasting. Done quite a lot of researches, but I am not very convinced as to which fasting method should I take. 

(1) Water fasting starts 1 day before, during and 1 day after

(2) Do Mimicking Fasting Diet for 3 days, which means reduced calories to 30-40% of my normal diet

Anyone who has experiences please help. 

Thanks a lot


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I’ve actually been talking about this to some people myself and also plan to fast if I have chemo. The studies thus far on it have been really positive. At any rate I’m basing what I will do on my weight. I plan to have a DEIP when this is over and need some abdomen fat for that. And I lose weight easily when stressed or not eating. So for me I’m leaning to a FMD. From what I’ve read it has the same results because the low calories and the combo of calories you’re supposed to eat trick your body to think it’s completely fasting. Even found a site that offers pre-planned FMD meals so I don’t have to think about it. One other person I talked to who actually did it says she fasted I believe for three days with just water during chemo. Said she did fantastic. Wasn’t sick very much and was still able to exercise. In fact she did so well she incorporates it into her lifestyle even after treatment. Said she’s never felt healthier. Anyway you can search for fasting conversations on this site in the search field if you want to read what others say.