Has anyone else had a hysterectomy after chemo ?

Hi, I spent the whole of last year having chemo, surgery & radiotherapy and now my oncologist has referred me to a gynie to remove my ovaries or hysterectomy (she is letting him decide which op is more benefit) Has anyone else gone through this ? I was just wondering how long I will have to wait. I should be having my reconstruction operation in October so if I need a gynie op, I’d like it done soon so it doesn’t delay recon surgery.

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I had my ovaries removed with my second mastectomy. This was done in the same operation - the ovaries removal (oopherectomy ) was by keyhole, and I think it took about 45 minutes to do - by the gynaecologist. I had no pain from that part Of the surgery. I think there is a oopherectomy leaflet available from breast cancer care - which may be worth looking at. In my case I had my ovaries removed as both my primary bc’s were er+. I am now taking daily vit d supplements prescribed by the oncologist as having no ovaries can harm your bones, and I have a scan to check my bones every two years (to check I am not suffering from osteoperosis) . So far all fine.
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Just checked it - this is the breast cancer care booklet on ooopherectomy


And Macmillan has some useful information on this too :

and on hysterectomy

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Hiya, I too am awaiting a hysterectomy, I was referred to gyne & he advised taking whole lot rather than just ovaries so am just awaiting a date now. I have seen lots of posts about ovary removal but not hysterectomy, was a bit shocked that this was advised but am ok about it now. They are doing this because of a strong family history although I tested negative for BRACA gene. Sarah

Thank you for your replies. I have a past history of fibroids which is why I will probably end up having the full hysterectomy. I was just wondering how long they will keep me waiting.

I have been told between a month or 2 at my hospital x