Has anyone else had GCSF injections during chemo

Since being hospitalised with Neutropenic sepsis after my 1st chemo i’ve been told i now have to have GCSF injections in my stomach on days 7-11 after each chemo. They’ve said i can inject myself, gulp! Has anyone else experience of this? thanks x

Hi hjv123,

I had to have the gcsf injections after my first chemo for the other 5 chemos because my White blood cells were really low! You can do them yourself or get the district nurse to do them for you! They are okay, but I will say they do make your bones ache because the injection works really hard on your bone marrow to produce more WBC.

Best wishes

Donna xx

yes i too had to have these they really are fine to do yourself but dont push liquid through too quick as it stings but really were fine dont worry too much because the nurse will tell u everything xxx

Hi hjv123

I injected myself after each chemo session. Here are a few hints I picked up from the forums.

The injections have to be stored in the fridge- take out the dose you need half an hour before injecting so it is not so cold.

Put a cold pack ( or cold drink can) on the site where you will give the injection for a couple of minutes before giving it- numbs the area - like a mini local anaesthetic.

They really don’t hurt and are easy to give- once you have done the first one you will see for yourself and relax a bit.

All the best with your treatment. D x

Me too. The District Nurse did the first 2 and showed me how to do it. I’ve done them ever since. It only takes a moment. The thought of it is worse than doing it. If you’ve got any extra flesh around your tummy !
gently pinch an inch and pop it in slowish. Alternate left and right - you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Hi hjv. I’m having to have them as well. They seem to hurt less when you give it yourself. My tips are put the needle in slow and sure not like a dart and depress the plunger slowly it seems to sting less if at all. There will be really good instruction leaflets with the injection written for the patient. I take Diclofenic to stop the joint pain and it seems to work. Hope all going well with you after chemo delayed.

Julia x

Great question hjv

I’m going to have these too but haven’t started Chemo yet. So thanks to everbody for posting your tips. Although im a nurse the idea of injecting myself just doesnt appeal but then I am a big woose.

Lulu xx

I’m a nurse too and the thought of doing them is worse than the actually act. Some people get back pain or bone ache but I haven’t had any problems, it really is fine.


thanks so much for all your replies ladies, it’s so helpful to read everyone’s experiences. I was given them in the hosp & the first 2 were ok but the 3rd gave me such a backache which radiated round to my hips and i could hardly walk. Once i’d taken some painkillers it was fine though & only lasted a few hours.

I don’t really like the thought of injecting myself but i think it’ll be much easier so i will try.

Just one other questions, is there a time of day or night that is better to give them? x

Don’t think it matters what time you give it but I try to give it at the same time every day so it works out that you get it every 24 hours.


You can buy a cream over the counter called emla cream,it is an anaesthetic cream and if you put a small amount on the fleshy bit of the tummy it will numb the area, but if you pinch a bit of flesh you can’t feel it, the needle is quite fine. I always injected myself before 11am so that the aching had all day to wear off. Its not that bad at all,
Good luck

Jill x

Hi hjv

I’m just on day 4 of my GCSF injections today after my 1st chemo - I preferred to have the district nurse over to do it - I’m OK with needles, but just didn’t feel I could do it myself. It’s not too bad, but they do make your bones ache for a couple of hours afterwards. Today I took 2 paracetamol just before (instead of after) the jab, and it made a difference to the aching so I’ll be doing that from now on. Good luck with it all!

T x

I had back pain and the shakes with the first course, but it did not recur in later cycles.