has anyone else had this?

Hi , went for my results yesterday which were great ,no spread into lymph nodes .While i was there i had some fluid drained off my breast where the lump had been taken from .
Last night when i took my bra off the side of my breast felt really tender(it has done for a few days now) it is near where i had my lymph node taken out. I seem to have like a line from my underarm into my breast. almost like a vein. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this .
Lisha xx

It could be swelling Lisha, I was having about a litre a week drained when my drain blocked and had to come out. Even the seam of a top would cause a line. I have to watch bra straps etc even now 8 months post surgery. Still swelling around the lymph surgery area x

Thanks that was my way of thinking but you know what its like once you are diagnosed with bc everything becomes a worry .It has appeared since i started wearing my underwire bra again. Maybe too soon .I only had surgery 2 weeks ago .
Lisha xx

The underwire may be a problem. I’ve loved my balcony bras etc but I found most tended to stick into the lymph surgery area. I’ve now gone up a size from 36d to 38d but some bras are so uncomfortable. I’ve tried non underwired but the side wires hurt. Best one so far is a M&S sale cotton t-shirt bra. Keep trying them on til you get one that fits x

Thanks will do that .
Lisha xx

it sounds like a seroma, very common, clear sometimes yellowish fluid that often builds up after surgery and likes to find some way out! I had it and it didn’t decide to exit until after my wound was healed nicely and stitches out. It leaked from my wound site up near my armpit and also out my nipple!! Docs gave me antibiotics just in case of infection but wouldn’t resew it as they said it was better out than in. Some people have them drained but I have heard they ofter build up again. Ask you doc and try not to worry I am sure it is fine. I don’t really believe in googling as you can get a lot of duff info and there are websites out there praying on people like us. But this link is from wikipedia which I trust. Take a peek and see if it sounds like you. Take care sweetie. xxxx


I remember when I 1st started wearing a bra 2 weeks after my surgey it was a soft one but had a seam across the cup, when I took it off 1st night I freaked as I had this line (not where the seam was) it went up under my boob & across the top, It was a good hour & half BRALESS before it dissapeared, The BCN told me this was to do with the fluids built up in the breast.

Mekala x

hiya ladies , hospital for post op check today . scars healing lovely but have got serona , tender and wearing sports bra for support , just wandered if anyone has any tips on how to try and manually distribute the fluid - massage and cream maybe ? thank you xx

Trish, I was massaging mine in a warm bath but I have a feeling thats what made it leak! The body will absorb it in time, I had another one near my lymph node scar and that disappeared after 4 months by itself, it was about the size of a ping pong ball! Maybe ask your doc incase you cause any damage.

good luck, lizzy

(I am lumpless now but my once neat scar isn’t so neat anymore)!

Hi Lizzyspain thanks for your reply and also had a look on the link you gave me.Thanks x
Hi Mekalar ,thanks for your relpy . The description you have given me is spot on . The line goes from under my arm where my node was taken out to my nipple and like you at first thought it was a bra seam line. It also dissappears about an hour or so after taking my bra off. A hot bath helps too .Did you bcn give you any tips on what to do about it ?
Thanks Lisha xx

thank you lizzy , its just so sore , my node removal scar is horrible , really lumpy but its a small price to pay i think , bought a new support bra today and cant do without one , my breast feels like a ton weight when bra less, right breast bigger than left at min cus of fluid , hopefully it will disperse sooner rather than later xxx

Hi Lisha, you can also get thrombophlebitis called Mondor’s cords, either up the front of your chest or in your armpit following surgery. Hope you’re feeling ok xx

Hi Lisha visit you doctor immediately so that it won’t become worst. i hope every thing will be good.