Has anyone found any pretty mastectomy bras and can I wear a wired bra?

I’ve looked everywhere and all the mastectomy bras seem to be really old fashioned and ugly.  


I had a left sided mastectomy without recon last April and everything has healed really well but my remaining breast is large (GG) and I just can’t find any nice underwear.   


I want a pretty bra, and think I deserve one after everything I’ve put my body through.  


Does anyone know if wired bras are okay?  I’ve been thinking about maybe buying a normal wired bra and then sewing a pocket into the left side to hold my fake boob but I wear a silicone boob and I’m worried the wires might damage it.  Anyone tried this?  



Have you tried marks and Spencer,  I have a lovely one. Although I had a WLE I got it as it was so comfy and soft irz black lace 

I’ve bought several really lovely ones at the Nicola Jane shop - I’m a size E and found lots there.

None are underwired, but the support is very good.

I really hope that Marks and other stockists of mast bra’s are watching Corrie with the story line they are running. One of the factory girls is talking to ladies to see what they want in a bra! I found although Marks were pretty and lacy, they did nothing for the boob left behind. Having small boobs I always brought bras with a bit of padding, but the mast bras I found were very flimsy with no padding. They could make one with with a set of pads to use on whichever side needs the oomph.This is hard even to deal with without having the effort of trying to find a decent bra. Xx

Debenhams have a small range but I find their bras great x