Has anyone had 30+ rads??

I had a soft tissue sarcoma in my breast and a radical mx in November.  The margin around part of the tumour was only 0.5mm and the MDT has given me the option of further ‘extensive’ surgery to remove ribs or 33 rads, close monitoring and keep the surgery in reserve.  


I’ve never heard of anyone receiving 33 rads although I’m sure it must happen.  I’m very concerned about the possible effect on my skin, tiredness etc and would love to talk to anyone who has experience of 30+ rads.




Hi Tat,


I have had 30 rads on each breast, as my OMC said that as the maimum number allowed. That was in 2002 and 2007, so treatment procedures must have changed since then. Good Luck!

Hi B.  Thanks for replying - you’ve been through the mill from the sound of it, can’t imagine having to do it twice :frowning:  I hope you are well now?


How did your skin hold up each time?  I have no pectoral muscle left, just skin and bone, so was expecting the number of rads to be at the lower end, so this was a bit of a shock!


Tat xx

Oh to be a fly on the wall for that conversation, Nicki ? It’ll be pretty obvious what I’m there for with only one largish boob when gowned and waiting…! 


Thanks for thinking of me.  I did ask at the planning appt and the radiographer confirmed at Angiosarcoma needs a big hit because of its aggressiveness ?


You must be nearing the end of yours now.  Hope you’re doing ok.  Tat xx