Has anyone had a choice about chemo?

Hi ladies, (this is my second tread about it since this website has deleted my first one. ?And I was so anxious waiting for a reply because I need to give my answer tomorrow.)


I had my first appointment with my oncologist on Friday and she told me my oncotype test score is borderline, so she gave the choice to have or don’t chemotherapy. She told me about all the side effects I can have and I am so concerned. To lose my hair don’t bother me at all, but she told me about the possibility to have womb cancer in the future, osteoporosis, early menopause… I’m in my early 30’s, I can’t imagine to be menopausal so young. I’m almost decided to refuse chemo, but I’m scared of that too.


Did anybody else have to make that decision? Did you regret of that? How did you decide? I’m so confused now.


Thanks ladies and have a nice Sunday.



Hi caro Lina,


Im much older(64j than you so different choice. Was told chemo would give me 6% more chance of being here in 10 years. I have 3 teenage grandchildren and 2 6 month old ones so decided I wanted best chance to see them grow up too and went ahead with it . Just had 4 th session last weeek - not pleasant but not as bad as I expected as so far I’ve been reasonably lucky with side effects. Decided to try, knowing if it was too hard I could call a halt. Didn’t think I could forgive myself if I didn’t and it came back. Glad I’m past that descision as it is so hard to make. 

Wishing youluck whichever way you decide.



My oncologist used the 10 year statistics to show the benefits of chemo as the 5 year one was 3 or 4 percent - but it did make quite a difference at the 10 year stage approx 7 %. My surgeon had already gone through chemo with with me due to my age and having a grade 3 cancer so I already had the fear of god in me! It does seem a lot to put ourselves through for quite small margins and even harder that the choice is ultimately ours to make. I had my first round on Monday and I was more scared than facing surgery. It has gone OK and I’m here typing this and feeling much better than I envisaged.