Has anyone had a nipple lift on the good size for symmetry prior to nipple recon?

Hi everyone.  This is my first contribution to the forum and I’m really hoping there may be someone who can give me some advice about whether to proceed with the next stage of reconstruction.


I had a mastectomy on my right breast at the end of October 2013 with immediate reconstruction using an implant with an ADM.  The operation itself was great and when I’m wearing clothes no-one would know anything had happened to me.  I was supposed to be having the next stage of reconstruction in the summer last year, but when I had the pre-op assessment with the surgeon and he told me exactly what he was going to do with my good breast I got cold feet and postponed it.  He insisted that I had to have my nipple lifted for symmetry before I could have the nipple reconstructed and the tattoo done on the mx side.  It was also suggested that I would have some fat taken from my thigh and injected into my mx side to assist with the reforming of the nipple.  At the moment I’m rescheduled to have the op in April, but once again I’m really starting to worry about the potential problems.  I’m really lucky that I have a very supportive husband who totally accepts me the way I am and we stil have a great sex life.  The surgeon said I was likely to lose some, if not all sensation from the nipple when it is moved and I keep thinking why am I doing this?  It’s purely cosmetic, there’s always a risk of infection, there will be definite scarring, at least some pain and recovery time.  I’m not sure either about having the fat taken from my thigh which will leave at least some sign, i.e. a dimple.  Once again there is a risk (albeit small) of infection, ditto injecting it into the skin under the mx scar.  At the moment I am completely pain free and until I look in the mirror at night when undressed I could forget what has happened.  I have also recently learned that the nipple recon doesn’t last that long; it can flatten out as quickly as 6 months to 2 years.  I gather even the tattoo can fade over time, so what I first thought was a permanent new nipple and aerola tattoo isn’t at all.  I appreciate that in the whole scheme of things this is so unimportant, but I have to make the decision and if I decide to cancel I need to do it very soon as I don’t want to mess the hospital about.  At the moment there would be time for them to substitute someone who needs the surgery far more than me into my slot, but I can’t leave it much longer.  So I would be very greatful if any of you who have gone down this road (or not for the same reasons as I’m thinking at the moment), could give me some guidance.  Thanks so much and cyber hugs to you all.

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Hello, I had mx with immediate recon with adm in February 14. In September 14 I had my good boob lifted slightly reduced, the lift involves cutting the nipple off and resiting it. I also had fat transfer from thighs into big dent above my implant. The uplift was relatively easy - hardly any pain and such a massive improvement in symmetry. I have recovered feeling in the nipple and it is reactive, I decided not to have the nipple recon after this deciding to stick with the stick on nipples. The fat transfer was very painful and I still have a large numb/painful area on one thigh. My thighs have visible dents where the fat was removed- this was definitely not a cosmetic procedure as far as my thighs are concerned. I would not repeat this despite most of the fat still being retained in the recon. The scars on good breast are lollipop shaped, I am a 32b so not masses of boob but I feel more normal with the symmetry. I hope that helps and if you need anymore info let me know