Has Anyone Had An Oophorectomy? Need Advise

Hi Everyone


I am almost at the end of my chemo and had a discussion with my ONC yesterday. Because I am on Deltaparin for a blood clot during cycle 1, I was told that I may not be able to take tamoxifen.


My ONC said that I  may possibly need to have an Oophorectomy however, they would disucss this with my team and give me their decision once they weigh up the risks.


I obviously don’t want to do the dreaded ‘Google’ thing. But I was looking for advise from anyone who has had an Oophorectomy. Any info would be much apprecaited.




Hi Martha,

I had a Oophoretomy 3 years ago in UCL. I had keyhole Surgery in the evening and went home the next day. I had no problems and was fine within 2 weeks. I have the tiniest little scar on each side of my stomach, that I have to search to find! I had already had chemo induced Menopause, so suffered no other ill effects.

Hope that helps in your decsion making x

Hi Bernadet

Thank you - That has helped. Much appreciated xx

Hi Martha,


I too had an oopherectomy and also hd my fallopian tubes removed. For me, this was because I had a brca1 mutation and so not linked to the same issues as you are facing. I was quite nervous about the procedure, mainly as I had had a lot of surgery already and chemo twice, but it was nowhere near as bad as I feared. I also had key-hole surgery and stayed in overnight. I was up and about relatively quickly.


I agree that the key issue is that it brings about early menopause but as this is very similar to the effects of tamoxifen (as I undersand it) anyway.


Good luck with your decision.



Thanks Rattles

I’m ok with early menopause but my concern is that tamoxifen is effective and I am unsure how effective this op will be?