Has anyone had bone mets even though they had no lymph nodes involved at dx

Hi all,

Just a quicky, returned home from honeymoon all happy as a new Mrs. and now the dreaded C has cropped up again.

Dx last Jan 07 aged 28 grade 3 ductal carcinoma, no lymph nodes involved.

Just saw onc about rib pain (dx side) been ongoing now for the last 6 weeks.
He said he was 95% sure it was from radiotherapy (this finished in Sept 07) but I could have a bone scan if I wanted just to be sure.
Didn’t want to take any chances so I am now booked in for one.

Just wondered if anyone else has had spread to the bones even though they had no lymph nodes involved on initial dx.
I have been told its quite rare. And have also been told breast cancer at 28 works in mysterious ways.

What should I be thinking now ?

Thanks all,


Mandy xxx

Hi Mandy,

Just wanted to say that I get lots of pains in my ribs on dx side. I was dx Feb 07, had rads Oct/Nov. I’ve been told that these pains can come & go for years and are down to the rads. But each time a pain appears it is a worry isn’t it?


Hi Mandy

Yes, I have bone mets and nodes were clear. Clear nodes are not a guarantee,I wish they had been.

But I had pains in my ribs for two years after radiotherapy that were nothing to do with mets. So make of that what you will!

I think you are doing the right thing, have the scan find out and you will have peace of mind, or god forbid treatment that will stop the cancer where it is. II hope you can get your scan and results quickly and put this behind you.



I had original dx of BC in June 2000 - 22mm lump - aged 34.
WLE with lymph node clearance (none affected) - CMF, rads, 2 years zoladex and 5 years tamoxifen.

Got pregnant last year - suffered from ‘pulled muscle’ in rib - as if going in to spasm, then few weeks later, sciatica, then few weeks later again, pulled muscle in rib. No-one suspected anything ie GPs - and I was totally ignorant to secondaries.

Had baby in August 2007, aged 41, and was told 2 days later that I had secondaries in bones - left hip/pelvis and spot in rib.

Currently receiving Tamoxifen, zoladex and Zometa but have had spread to right hip and spot on spine.
Yesterday, I had my ovaries out!!! So, the next stage is to change to Arimidex hopefully.

I dont want to scare you but I too, think that you are doing the right thing in having a bone scan. I wish that I had been more aware.

Good Luck and massive hugs for you. Also, Congratulations on your recent marriage!!!

Best Wishes

Anne xx

Hi there,

Just to explain… cancer can spread via the bloodstream as well as via the lymph system. Hope this is not true in your case.


Agree with jennywren, it can spread via the bloodstream and in my own case that is what happened.