Has anyone had recurrence on healthy breast?

Had a large tumour of DCIS in right breast and had a mastectomy and snb. Just wondering whether anyone has been through similar only to get a recurrence in healthy breast? Thanks! Lou Lou

I don’t have any helpful
knowledge but am sure someone will be able to help you.

Hi lou lou

I believe you are higher risk of it returning in a healthy side but it is only a slightly higher risk (not sure of the percentages)

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recurrence usually refers to the same cancer coming back and is therefore in the same breast. if you get a cancer in the other breast this is normally a new primary.

i had an invasive tumour in 2006 and got a new tumour in the other breast in 2009… both were associated with high grade DCIS but i do have the brca2 gene…

if you have a gene mutation the lifetime risk of a contralateral cancer is higher… over 60% compared with about 10% of non gene mutated cancers… also a new cancer in the other breast is more likely if the 1st cancer occurred under age 40.


I have had a new primary in the other breast 2 years after a DCIS. I am currently being treated for an invasive DC, so the level of treatment has gone up a couple of notches.


Just back from a nightmare morning at breast clinic. Originally we nt for my 2yr mamm in April, but wasn’t given result - had to chase, only to find out 2 days ago they wanted to recall me. Have had repeats today plus scan and they are concerned about my other breast! doc unable to do FNB so have to go back tomorrow for core biopsy.
I want to get off this treadmill.

hi my name is lorraine i am new to the site, i have just had my mamo results mon just gone that was clear, thank god, i had ibc diganosed last sept still on hereceptin until jan 2012, but i am concerned about the two red spots that have come up on my reconsructive breast i showed my surgeon he took a biopsy i will know the reults on monday, as anybodyelse had this.

Lulu34 I had high grade dcis in left breast and when they operated they discovered 14mm of grade 3 invasive. Luckily it hasn’t gone to nodes.
I have had a mastectomy and a reconstruction.
I am now obviously concerned about the other breast getting a new cancer.
The oncologist said that this would be very unexpected but I’m already thinking of having a mastectomy on this breast as well.
The doctors however think I’m jumping the gun as this is a healthy breast.
I just don’t want this worry ever again!

Sorry forgot to say that I am almost 44 and may be tested for gene mutation as although noone in close family has had it , my brothers have genetic conditions that noone else has got. My oncologist is going to refer me.
The only people in my family are 2 cousins of my mums.

Sozza the chance of getting a new cancer in the other side is pretty low if not a gene carrier it’s only about 5% but 10 times more at 50% if you are a gene carrier. Its maybe wise to discuss i wtb your genetic team before deciding to have another mastectomy. They will be able to look at your famil history and explain your risks in relation to your own family risk.

Lorraine sorry to hear you have more worries with this suspicious area needing biopsied. Keeping my fingers crossed that it’s nothing serious… Will be thinking of you when you get your results tomorrow xxx

Thanks Lulu, I spoke with oncologist again this morn and she said that chances were very small as well, just getting a bit paranoid!

thanks lulu, the cancer have come back in the skin to little like spots, i am waiting for appoint for a full body scan, what worries me my herceptin done finished until jan 3rd, its like it have not worked.

Lorraine something similar happened to my friend last year… she finished herceptin in the july and about a month later her scar had broken down and was a recrrence… they think maybe the biopsy track or similar had been left behind leaving a wee cell which just grew… she had previously had a lumpectomy but then had a mastectomy instead and changed to femara instead of tamoxifen and she has been fine since then.

sending big hugs.

lulu x