has anyone had swelling in their hands and feet on the good side?

i have recently been getting swelling and tingling in my lower right arm and lower right foot, i have felt really weird, and the swelling has gone down within about 15 minutes, my surgery was on my left hand side so not sure what is causing this, the gp thinks its a mystery. i am on arimidex, clonidine and zopliclone (i take the sleeping pills on alternative nights) i have a lot of joint pain and have been on arimidex since the begining of january this year, anyone else experienced this?

must only be affecting me then

Hi Alison

As you haven’t received any replies, you may like to consider giving the helpline a ring. I am sure they will be able to offer support and advice on the subject. Here are the helpline details:

0808 800 6000
Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm
Saturday, 9am - 2pm

Kind regards.


Thank you for that Louise, i am seeing my surgeon next week so can discuss it with him then

I had pins & needles in left hand after mastectomy on right. It seems to be better now - 4 months after. I asked bcn about it and she said its wear and tear due to age. My impression is that when you get dx with bc people patronise you and think its affected your brain as well! And I hadnt started chemo then.

Thank you Starfish x i haven’t had chemo, but i am finding the arimdex very difficult to cope with, and yes, at 45 years of age i think anyone making reference to wear and tear very patronising, i prided myself on the fact that during 27years of full time work, that i only ever had 10 days off ill,( and having the kids) hardly a record for someone prone to joint problems or any other for that matter. its the swelling that worries me most, i know its not a stroke, but my blood pressure is going through the roof, i can actually feel it rising!!! all i can think is that it may be the clonidine that i take to help the hot flushes and sweats, it works really well, but have been on that for seven months now and really am wondering what the mixture is doing to my body, i can’t just stop taking it as it can cause real problems if you just stop.