has anyone had the 'goldilocks' procedure?

Hi, has anyone had this procedure? Its an option open to me but Id never heard of it until last week when it was proposed to me. Thanks x

I’m curious…what is this?

Hi Dizzi



well Ive had it done now on both sides and I have to say the results, once all the swelling etc has gone, will be amazing. So far so good! xx

I came off the forum so didn’t see your post till now bela so sorry for not replying. Well I’m now 7 months post op and I am thrilled with the result of this surgery. I still rarely hear it mentioned and even some of the hospital staff have never heard of it! But my boobs are a fab shape, they look and feel real, and I’m about a c/d cup. I was due to have the diep originally but cos of a heart problem that was cancelled and I’m so glad it was. You have to be large chested to begin with to have this surgery but I would thoroughly recommend considering it if it’s an option xx how did you get on in the end?

My mastectomy went ok…I had a lot of swelling and pain and now it just feels tight. I probably have have an A cup or less…I was a C/almost D before. Mine does not look the same as some on the net I have seen. If anyone would be willing to share a pic with me of your goldilocks mastectomy.  I would lke to see how this has turned out for other women. I have some deep caved in areas & he left big rolls under my arms…

My dr has suggested lipo/fat transfer 2-3 times. I really wanted a one time procedure, so not sure I will. I also have a heart problem. That is why I chose this procedure. My email is (removed due to T and Cs)