Has anyone heard of taking turmeric?

Friend of a friend says she takes turmeric tablets and feels they are helping keep cancer at bay after her treatment and aiding recovery after chemo. Has anyone else heard of this or is it just her?

No Eileen its not just your friend.  I take PUKKA organicTurmeric.  It is recommended in a number of books particulary ‘the anti cancer diet’ Dr Shervan Stevens.  also lots of good information on internet re the anti  inflammatory properties of Turmeric.


Take Care   Gilly x

Hi Eileen, very interested in the turmeric tablet. I have read how good it is for you and will read up. This is why we are lucky to have all this info from our great friends on this site. Thanks ladies. Eileen, when do you start rads. I  see my onc. On 11th march so should then get my date. How are you. I started driving and seems ok, very strange though. Lol xxxxx

You should  feel improvement now on. I will be 5 weeks tomorrow and really improving. Still get some horrid pains on and off but the healing takes awhile. Let us know your dates and maybe as Sharon suggested, we can start our rads thread. Be glad to start as you tend to feel out on a limb. Take care and lol xxxxx

Hi. If you’re on facebook there is a ‘Turmeric User Group’ that you can request to join, there’s a wealth of info on there and a recipe for turmeric paste (it is used widely for dogs and horses too so don’t be put off!). They do not advocate the long term use of the turmeric tablets as there are potential risks. To be well absorbed by the body, turmeric has to be combined with fat (recommended coconut oil or virgin olive oil) and freshly ground black pepper. Turmeric has many properties and is also well known for reducing inflammation - it is widely used in India for thousands of years.

I am a complete cynic but after reading up and doing lots of research I have decided to start taking turmeric - more for my dodgy hip in the first instance as I want to get back to running, as its keeping me sane following my treatment. And I have to say, after a week it does seem to be easing, whether that is just natural recovery or the turmeric I don’t know. However, speaking to my onco this week, he was happy for me to take it and agreed there is research being carried out into its cancer fighting properties. I’m recovering from surgery and didn’t have chemo so am lucky, I’m on anastrozole though so if it helps with future aches and pains thats all good.  If you are on chemo tho please seek advice as turmeric in big quantities can interfere with some drugs apparently. 

Thought I would bring this thread back up as I have been reading Mail online today and it seems it has very good  ingredients for cancer sufferers. 

Any ladies out there found it any good ? Im always nervous with these things and stay safely in my  comfort zone with cod liver oil and vitamin C  daily.


I was told by my onc last week that it’s ok to cook with fresh or dried turmeric, but you shouldn’t take supplements because it interferes with the action of tamoxifen.  I have to say she sneered when I said I had been taking Co-Q10/Pycnogenol to improve my heart function during Herceptin, so she’s not exactly an integrative oncologist.  However my heart’s ejection fraction was 51 when I started & they cease treatment at 50.  The next test after 3 months it had gone up to 65%.  She was totally bemused & said that never improves, it can only go one way.  Didn’t like to say it was the herbals, but I had a little smile to myself.  Co-Q10 & other sups can help stop damage during rads too. xx

Hi Sue

How are you doing? Hope things on the next FEC weren’t too bad.  Re chemo brain, did you watch that Angela Rippon programme on Dementia a few weeks back? They recommended blackcurrant oil to prevent/defer dementia, so I thought I’d try it for chemo brain.  Couldn’t get the oil, but got powder & after just a couple of weeks my brain’s back to pre-chemo capabilities, which is a huge relief.  You would not believe some if the dumb things I did with chemo brain.  It was c.6 months after chemo finished, so could have been my time for brain to improve anyway, but might be worth a go.  I just put 1tsp in a smoothie. Take care of yourself xx

The end is in sight Sue!! How wonderful for you.  Nothing like the day you get to tootle about at home instead of going for the next chemo. Bet you can’t wait ???.  I bucked up pretty fast after my last one & woke up suddenly feeling full of the joys of Spring & wanting to get up & out there into the world again.  My onc said blood counts are usually back to normal fairly fast, 3-4 weeks, but the cells can’t mount a proper response to infection for about 6 months, so you need to be a wee bit careful for a big longer. xx

In my quest to get a bit more healthy i bought some turmeric powder in the supermarket last week and its surprising how easy it is to use it. I have put it in stir frys, gravy on roast dinner and most days I have a cuppa soup and pop some in that too.
Don’t know if its going to help but at least I’m trying !!

HI, I am due my second cyle of chemo on Thursday FEC-T, 6 sessions every 3 weeks then due radiotherapy after.  I have been taking cucumin C3 complex since my diagnosis but I have been reading mix reviews about taking cucumin whilst having chemo treatment?  Can anyone help or give me some advise please?


Thank you

Hi Kate,
Thank you for your information Kate, I am finding everything controversial but just trying to do the right thing and pray that this never returns!! ?..from reading various information plus being blessed with a food guru in the family… I have decided not to take cucumin until my chemo has finished but will retake after…lots of love to all x x

Morning! I’ve had 2 lots of surgery and I start chemo on 14/1 followed by radio. I have been looking on Turmeric User Group about taking golden paste and/or curcumin which was recommended by a friend. I’m a bit confused! Would you advise starting golden paste after chemo and radio? I understand it can affect the effectiveness of radio but I’m not sure about chemo. TIA

Hi everyone
I have been taking Curcumin powder 3 times a day in hot almond milk, to help my immune system recover from Chemo and Surgery.
My Medical herbalist who had breast cancer prescribed it, Curcumin is safe and effective throughout treatments. My oncologist also recommended I use it.
It’s lovely in latte.

My daughter took an indian medicine named cancertame for her 3rd stage breast cancer and it worked out great for her so I think its worth it. She took it along with chemotherapy to reduce side effects by advice of her doctor

Whenever I feel a sniffle coming or feel a bit low I bump up the turmeric in my diet! Try Golden Mylk (recipes widely available on internet) - delicious, comforting and good for you. It’s healing properties are well documented. It needs to be made accessible by using black pepper and a small amount of appropriate fat with it. 

To solve my male problem (prostate), I started with turmeric about 5 years ago. Since then, no more problems with prostate. Furthermore, as I am diagnosed as being pre-diabetes, turmeric so far proved to be the best solution as well. In my searches about turmeric, I found the data about breast cancer in India vs. the U.S.

All of that is described in the link below. Please note that I am not taking curcumin pills, but using natural (powdered) turmeric.