has anyone opted for a double mastectomy?

Hi everyone


I just wondered if anyone has asked for  double mastectomy? I have been told that i need a mastectomy on my right and lump removal on my left also having the BRCA test as having BC in both breast it might be because of that. I have been wondering if they would give me a double mastectomy as they have to do surgery on both anyway and if after surgery the BRCA test is positive then they would then do a mastectomy on my left anyway. just think get it all over with at once or am i looking at this wrong? xx

Hi Den64 I asked my consultant if I could have a double mx. I need a mx on my right plus have to have a DCIS on left removed. She said no as they always try to save the breast if they possibly can. And that I shouldn’t underestimate the psychological impact of having a double mx. But like you I’m thinking just get rid! ?xx

I can’t answer about a double mastectomy but from my experience of a single one (no recon) I know I would not have coped with the pain and arm/shoulder movement  problems on both sides at once. 

I did have a double mx two weeks ago - cancer on both sides, and although the tumour on the left was very small, it made more sense that way as I’m also small-breasted. I now have tissue expanders and am awaiting implants. The expanders on both sides are pretty uncomfortable, but I hope it’ll all settle down eventually. I don’t have BRCA1 or 2. Wishing you well with your decision.

I had double 3 years ago much easier for reconstruction as they have to operate on the non cancerous side anyway to even it up.
This was my theory!! If they will do double go for it!

Hi I am waiting for BRCA test results and have asked for bilateral mastectomies which they’ve agreed to.Only have bc in one breast. My sister had bc 25 years ago, initially had lumpectomy and then had two further primary lumps in both breasts and eventually had bilateral mastectomies/reconstruction and is now 56 and had no further problems.


They are very sure the test results will come back positive though so that might make a difference.

I asked for a double but was told I didn’t need it…the cancer was only 6mm in left breast. Asked for left side mastectomy… told you don’t need it. Went ahead with WLE and sentinel lymph node biopsy. 2 weeks later told they had taken 5 1/2 cm (it was a lot bigger than they thought) but still didn’t have clear margins. Booked in for left side mastectomy but it was then cancelled 5 days before so they could do mri biopsy on something in right side they found during first mri… I have said I would still like a double but was told they don’t like removing good tissue. Will hopefully find out on 23/6 and have surgery on 5/7… x

I pushed for both…they can’t actually refuse. …xxxx 3 weeks post opx

Was diagnosed a few weeks ago with 5cm DCIS intermediate on the right breast and told last week that I have a small one on the left as well.  Consultant immediately suggested double mastectomy even though left one is very small.   So clearly different points of view according to the consultant;  Maybe go for a second opinion?