Has anyone stayed in the Peony Suite at Llanelli?

I’m going in on Thursday for double lumpectomy Friday & wondered what the ward is like? Rumour has it that there are ensuite rooms!! Not sure what to bring…frightened…worried etc!

Hi. Sorry, now I’m seeing your comment. In case you haven’t had it done…I had my op there in august. A mastectomy with immediate recon. I can’t rate the place highly enough. Every single member of staff is absolutely awesome. It’s nice having a private room, you’re not cut off as you have food with the others in the day room. Any more questions please ask away. Good luck xxx

Thanks Welshgirl. Had surgery yesterday & you were right-it’s amazing here. Everyone works really hard to relax you & it’s lovely having an ensuite room. Can’t help thinking that all breast cancer care should be like this. Xx

So glad you had the op. Are you home yet of still in? I agree…All breast surgery should be like that. It’s top notch! My friends couldn’t believe it when they were visiting me. In a weird way I enjoyed my stay ha!! Take care xxx

Yes home now-feel a bit stiff but otherwise all good. Saw Mr Holt this morning who is a top man-am so grateful to him for that unit. How are you doing now? Xx

I’m doing ok. Trying to regain a bit of energy!! I had chemo before op. So I don’t need to see anybody for 6 months. Bit scary as up till now it’s been loads of appts. I know we are really lucky to have the unit. It’s nice to chat to somebody local. Take care xxx

No but I was on Anwen Ward. What a team they are fantastic. Interested to read the comments in case i need node clearance. We are so fortunate. All the best Sue