Has anyone stopped Letrozole sooner than 5 years & if so, what happened?

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted here-I’ve been getting on with life after two lumpectomies and 20 days of radiotherapy (finished in May 2020). I’ve been on Letrozole since Oct 2018-nearly 3.5 years and aside from the fact that I love running yet cannot run for as long as I’d like due to joint/bone aches, I’ve just had my cholesterol checked and it’s at the very end of the upper range limit. Having read up on Letrozole’s long-term side effects (SE), I understand that elevated cholesterol is a SE. I have a healthy diet, I am not a smoker or drinker and am not overweight and so the only explanation I can think of for my “almost high” cholesterol is the Letrozole. I don’t want any cardio issues as a result of this drug and am considering speaking to my oncologist about trialling a “stop” to Letrozole. My recurrence rate for my estrogen + grade 2 breast cancer is low, which is why I’m very tempted to stop the drug and see what effect that has on my cholesterol. I certainly don’t want to be on meds for cholesterol *if* the reason I have “almost high” cholesterol is because of the Letrozole. I’d like to know if anyone stopped their Letrozole sooner than the 5 year mark, and if so, did your cancer return? My original cancer was picked up by a random mammogram and it was 52mm when it was detected. Even if I stopped Letrozole, I *am* being monitored and MRI’d/mammo’d every year, & so the chances of picking something up “early” are good. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.   

I’m on it for 10 years nearly three years after surgery and taking no risks. High cholesterol can be sorted metastatic breast cancer is incurable. And that is what Letrozole is for . Not just to stop recurrence but to save our lives. Once  breast cancer spreads it cannot be cured.
I strongly advise you to follow the advice you have been given . 

Hi Maria

I have been on Letrozole for 2 years and my cholesterol is high but my GP isn’t worried about it as my good ldl are higher than my bad one. Maybe speak to your GP to find out the levels of your good and bad cholesterol before you decide. I am a worrier so will take Letrozole for the 5 years I am on it.

Good Luck with whatever you decide to do x