has it come back so quickly after chemo????

i was dx with bc jan 10 had lumpectomy and nodes clearance in feb then a mx in march as it had gone into my blood vessels. i had a ct scan to see if it had spread and was told no so went ahead with mx and started chemo end of march 10.
had 4 x ec and 4x tax then 3 weeks of rads i finished end oct. i have been having bad headaches for the last week and when i inhail fully it hurts a little bit like i have a lump in my throat i went to docs thursday and sai i seemed ok just to take paracetomal, then thursday night i was just sat there and put my hand to my neck and found a small pea size lump near my clavical. weird as it was i was going to breast clnic the following morning with a friend of mine who had fond a lump in her breast. on my way to clinic i left a message with my bc nurse and explained i was going to clinic with my friend and any chance could be looked at. the consultant kindly agreed and sent me for a scan there and then, i was there for over an hour , it was a node i could feel that was swollon and my nodes in the right side of my neck (same side as my mx) looked :suspicious:
left side was normal. i went back to speak to consultant and he said they were sitting on the fence but on a scale from 1 to 5 ( 5 being it deff was cancer) they were looking at a 3!!! ive just done nothing but cry i cant belive after my ct was clear that i went through all that treatment and now 4 month later its backi already!!! all i can do now is think of my family and that my days may be numbered i have to wait till next friday for results, i need answers and what iffs and if it is what will happen next, my gut feeling was initially it had gone to my brain cos of my headaches but now i think maybe my lungs, im just in shock at moment and have noone to talk to
kaz xx

Oh Kaz,
I really felt for you reading your post.I know exactly how you are feeling as i am in the same place awaiting a bone scan on Monday,two weeks after i had an x ray,i have had no indication of what the x ray showed but am obviously fearing the worst as they have now decided on a bone scan.It really is the most isolating feeling when you look around and everyone is getting on with their lives and yours has come to an abrubt standstill until you know what your dealing with.I also had the breathing in and feeling discomfort.
I probably am not the best person to give advice as i am frightened myself but what i hope i can offer you is what i find helps me and that is this site.I dont post often but i do read it often and it has helped in so many ways,from dealing with going through breast cancer to moving forward and not worrying about cancer all the time and now when worrying about it coming back to know there are people who are not only surviving but still have quality in their lives.You are not alone Kaz,there is always plenty of support here and i wish for you the best of results next Friday
Tracey xx

Hi Kaz, so sorry to hear your news but lets keep fingers crossed! x Although I come on the site daily I don’t often write much. Not alwas a good thing to keep it to ourselves. Going for my second FEC on Wednesday but stressing over having a Port put in on Tues. Pathetic I know! We are funny creatures aren’t we? Will keep thinking about you. Hope weather is nicer where you are as it is pouring down with rain here and medical experts keep telling me to go for walks… Adi

Hi Kaz

I sent you a PM.

Debs xx

Hi Kaz, I was diagnosed in Jan 10 too and went through all the treatement you seem to have had and finally finished in October - although I am taking Arimidax now.

I do understand how you are feeling - I have had two ‘scares’ since finsihing my treatment. first my Onc on my last review found a swollen node under my ‘good’ armpit and I had to have scan and biopsy and secondly I had a routine nuclear bone scan after treatment finished and they found hotspot on my spine which they told me was secondary bone cancer.

Like you I was in bits - going through all that treatment and in my mind it ‘hadn’t worked’ my days were numbered etc etc etc. The first ‘scare’ the swollen lymph was a harmless cyst and the second diagnosis after further tests and scans they found it wasn’t bone cancer but bone degeneration (arthritis).

I suppose what I am saying is that whilst you probably fear the worst (I know I did) until you get the results nothing is definate - and even then they can sometimes get it wrong! It is a long wait for you and there is nothing I can say to make it better but looking on the bright side - you had chemo which was there to get rid of any stray cells in your body and it is unusual for cancer to return so fast.

Hang on in there and fingers crossed for a postiive result for you and you can start to get back on with your life. take care xx

thanks your words are reassuring shame the doctors wasnt, mind u the same doctor when i went for initial mammogram,scan ect said he didnt think it was cancer but come back next weeks for results of biopsy… and it was cancer!!! so now he is saying they suspect it is so hopefully he is wrong again :slight_smile:

could it just be a chest infection???