Has it returned?

Dear all

I know you won;t know the answers but I feel I need to get this off my chest…sorry in advance…

I think I have a new lump, I was first diagnosed June 2006 and had WLE, chemo, rads and now on Tamoxifen. I, like us all, still check and even more so now. this lump does not feel the same as the last one but I know I should not dismiss it. I am so worried though. I do not want to feel like the doctors think I am a hypercondriac and I don’t want to be paranoid either but I just need the reassurance about this as, like I say, it doesn’t feel right. I do hope that I am wrong. In addition, I have to go in to hospital on the 1st May for a laparoscopy due to a cyst on my right ovary which could have been caused because of the Tamoxifen.

I am writing this on the forum as I have not told anyone about my lump, I am going to the doc’s tomorrow to see what they think, if need by the Breast Nurse told me that I could be in clinic next Tuesday which is good but we shall see how the morning goes. I haven’t told anyone as I don’t want them to worry unnecessarily.

Anyway, I shall keep you posted, I hope everyone is well, my thoughts are with you all.


Claire x

Please get it checked out for peace of mind. I am in a group at my local Maggies Centre and one of our ladies found another lump recently, she was also very worried about having joint pains and feeling generally under the weather on Herceptin. She had an ultrasound down at the clinic and thankfully it was nothing to be concerned about, but they told her she had done the right thing in getting it checked out.

Hi i was diagnosed july 2007 and have had 2 further lumps checked out by my consultant (im 35) one was absolutely nothing and a further one which i had checked out again today actually, is a build up of fluid behind the scar tissue!!! the hospital has said they will not mind if i get checked out every three months for ever!!! and no they dont think im paranoid! honestly go and get it checked out, thats what they get paid to do!!! I wasnt even worried about my appointment today but i feel tonnes better

Thanks for being there and listening, I don’t know what I would do without you, I have made an appointment with GP this morning, I will let you know what she thinks. Talk to you later.


Claire xx

Hi Im sure ive read somewhere on this site that you live in Rugby? is that right claire? if so miss out the gp and phone your breast care nurse, honestly they wont mind!!!

Morning Anna

No I live in Northumberfland, its got to be another Claire. I spoke to the Breast Team yesterday and the clinics only run on a tuesday so if the GP thinks its something to worry about then I am to ring them and get in for next tuesday…it could be worse I guess and it could (fingers crossed) be nothing at all.

Take care

Claire x

its bloody horrible finding other lumps isnt it? They never tell you exactly what to do in that case scenorio, let me know how you get on Anna

Well, I have just got back from the GP and she has referred me back to the BC Team, I am waiting on them phoning with an appointment but its looking like I’ll be in the clinic on Tuesday. There is definitely some thickening there and it is painful too, completely different from the last time but you cannot dismiss these things. I will go next week and see what awaits me.

Thanks for your support.


Claire x

how are you feeling? what previous treatment have you had?
Big Hug

I was first diagnosed in June 2006 where I had WLE, A/C chemotherapy and then 20 sessions of radiotherapy, I do have follow-ups and yearly mammograms, as well as the Tamoxifen. I am feeling quite strong actually, worried obviously but otherwise trying not to panic. I’m going to go on my own and if it is bad news well then I will tell everyone but I don’t see the point in everyone worrying if its nothing at all. I have a holiday booked for the 5th April, I think I’ll be needing it!!!

I will fight this blasted disease, it will not beat me and if I do have to through all the treatment once again I will, my little boy is 5 years old and he is the reason I have to be positive.

Thanks for the big hug anna.

Lots of love

Claire x

have you got anyone to go with you? i think you might need them to buy you champaigne when they tell you its all clear!!! has your son started school? and i would definitely go on holiday, why does this cancer thing always kick you in the stomache just when you think your coping!!!

Hi Anna

I’m going to go on my own, I haven’t told a soul and I don’t want to worry anyone unneccessarily, I’ll be okay, I’ll take a good book with me. If it is clear, I’ll pop in at Tesco and grab a bottler of they’re best champagne on the way home!!! Jack has started school, he’s in reception, the last time he was at nursery and he coped extremely well, if it happens again, I know he’ll cope this time too. I know it may seem that I am looking on the ‘dark’ side but I can’t help it, but I think I’ll be okay.

Talk to you soon, I’ve got breakfastg to get ready…a mum’s chores never end do they.


Claire x

ill keep everything crossed, and to be completely honest i dont thing you are being nothing but realistic, its better to think about the worst case scenorio rather than being completely niave about it!!! My nephew is the same age as jack, how do you manage Harry just never stops still for more than2 secs at the time!!
Anna x

hi claire
i went back to my breast care centre whilst on radiotherapy because i could feel another lump i had 8 chemo ending nov a wle and 20 rads , but i was really worried and didnt want to feel a nuisance ! i had it checked and it was fluid build up where they had removed the tumour i go again this pm at 3.45 for another check up only a month since last one but i decided what ever worries me i am now going to speak out and have it checked, i am sure this will be ok and i have everything crossed for you it really is sh*** that we have do go through this ! i have been told though as time progresses you do tend to think less of reoccurance , lumps etc less and less , i have a little girl in reception and a son who is 8 they are really funny and tiring !! but keep you going, we are going to spain on april 1st , i found my lump on the 1st day of my holiday last june so i am really going to try and enjoy this one without worrying !! I hope its all alright for you
Big Hug
galen x

Hi Galen

How strange, I found my first lump while I was on holiday too!! Why do we check when we are supposed to be having a good time eh, good that we did though. I am fairly positive but as you say, its the children that keep you going. All the way through my last treatment, Jack was the reason I got up in the morning and put a smile on my face and coped…husband was a little uneasy, I don’t think he knew what to do or say so was in denial most of the time until all the treatment had finished, hence me not telling him about this one as he won’t cope or he’ll forget as he gets wrapped up in his own world most of the time.

Good luck for this afternoon, I’ll be thinking of you.


Claire x

Hi Claire

Just wanted to wish you the very best of luck for next week. Have you got a fast track clinic where they can do all the tests in one day? We do here, and at least you’ll know on the day rather than having to wait around for further tests and appointments. Hope it’s nothing - could be scar tissue or a cyst .

Lots of cyber hugs


Hi Birgit

Yes its fast track, its saves alot of fear and mixed emotions…I find its better that way. Yes it could be a cyst of scar tissue but its nowhere near the last one so I am hoping for a fibroid or cyst…Another day closer.

I’ll keep you all informed.

Thanks for the votes of confidence and hugs.


Claire xx

Hi Girls,
Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t tell Nearest and Dearest that I’ve found another lump! The Lump three years ago was just a cyst, but they found DCIS in the same breast, and I needed a mastectomy, so although I expect this is just another cyst, I’ve got the jitters about it. OH was brilliant last time, but I really don’t want to worry him unnecessarily. Waiting for clinic appointment now. Good luck everyone,

hi Claire
Saw the specialist and i dont need to go back for 6 months now, he explained all the changes that can now occur in the breast after all the treatments , i now have lots of nodes ( i didnt have any before) so i do find it diificult to tell between a lump and a node now !! but he said its all fine, i hope this gives you some encouragement , i am on holiday from early hours tuesday morning but you will most definately be in my thoughts and i hope you go on ok
big hugs galen x

thanks for your messages, its good being able to ‘talk’ to you even if it is from my computer…

I hope its just nodes or a cyst of whatever but not the other. Have a fantastic holiday Galen and we’ll catch up on your return.

Take care all


Claire x