Hats and scarves

Hi ladies, 

Can anyone recommend any good sites where I can buy some hats and scarves in case the cold cap doesn’t work.

thank you xx

Annabandana are pretty good and not too expensive, there is also ebay and amazon for scarves - look under hijabs, they are much cheaper than specific chemo sites. There are you tube videos on how to tie scarves.


There is also a list of suppliers here on the breastcancercare main site if you put ‘headwear, wig and eyelash suppliers’ in the search engine a list should come up.


Joemic x 

Sorry, Was told there was an error so I started again!

Hi Nicola


I’m guessing you’re about to start chemo? Good luck. I hope it goes well for you.


You don’t need to buy the chemo-related hats and scarves - which are over-priced. Go with what suits your tastes. You’ve got to feel comfortable and not feel self-conscious about it all. You might prefer a wig - mine is undetectable from my previous hairstyle and I have had several compliments about how nice my hair is from acquaintances unaware of the BC lol. I mostly wore a couple of White Company cashmere beanies through the winter (sales). I got a pack of 3 soft cotton beanies from Amazon. Look carefully and you’ll find some at very good prices. I got 2 basic head warmers (simple caps) for sleeping in from Macmillan which has a base at my hospital. They’ve been really good in cold weather and I’m still wearing them. I did have a buzzcut tho, expecting to lose all my hair, and went around au naturel most of the time. I didn’t lose my hair despite being told I would but it thinned noticeably towards the end of chemo. Eventually I gave in and wore my wig - but I whip it off as soon as I can in hospital and at home. You will also need something thick or a good sunhat for outside as you’ll be extra vulnerable to the sun. T K Maxx.


I hope the cold cap works for you. I’ve not seen many use it in my hospital but I know of people who did with great results. It just seemed an awful lot of extra time and discomfort - hence my buzzcut which I love. Good luck.

Hi nicolaj,


i have just had my second chemo and at some stage will lose my hair.

i have everything ready ??  already have my ’ wiggie ’ and ordered some sleep caps and 2 types of cotton scarves, already tied and shaped from ebay from China.

arrived and seem perfectly fine…  just have a good look around.  Hats4Heads have some nice ones but are quite expensive and felt it wasnt worth paying the xtra.

good luck with your search and your chemo treatment.


Hi NicolaJ

I too was looking for hats/scarfs in case the cold cap doesn’t work for me. I bought a hat and a pre-tied scarf from Annabandana. After watching the you tube videos, I found I could use some of the scarfs I already had. They look good on, so if I do lose the hair, It wont feel as bad. Hope you find something to suit x :smileyhappy: