Hats for small heads

I know I will lose my hair once I start treatment (no cold cap, my choice) and I have a small head 20.5 to 21 inches/52-53 cm. That’s with hair. I have found a couple of hats on an online site at M & S for kids’ hats but still very unsure how that would work out. I don’t normally wear hats, or head scarves etc. In fact nothing. 

Seeing about a wig in early December. That at least will be a chance to try out a fitting for that but anyone got a small head and found a solution to getting something that fits and also covers enough of your head when you have lost all your hair?

Following on from that, I have my treatment plan but still have not got a start date for chemo. Had my mastectomy in mid October. Is this normal - to wait so long? Maybe you have to have a long recovery time after the surgery? Would appreciate advice/knowledge.

Hi Mary. I have a small head too. I have found all of the stretchy beanie type hats and turbans have fitted fine. The scarves I have bought adjust to fit. I have also bought hats from Amazon which come in different sizes. The Xs fits great without hair!!! Do join your monthly che mo group for the best support. Kxx

I don’t actually know the measurements of my head but I do know the first few hats I got were to big
I found great fitting hats at the Macmillan centre at my hospital and reasonably priced to
They also do like headbands to jazz up your hats so you can swoo your look easy x

I wore scarves a lot because I have a small head. There are loads of tying video instructions on YouTube, it’s pretty easy actually and you can coordinate with outfits.
I also bought a lovely hat from Cosifits online they do small sizes at reasonable prices x