Hats/scarfs for chemo

Hi all just wondering anyone in the UK that have some good recommendations for hats/scarves that are nice and comfy that can be ordered online? Thanks in advance! :grin:


Either Anna Bandana (mix and match with hats and bands) or Wrappdinlove on Etsy for Australian head wraps (very easy to put on) which I love to wear indoors. They have a UK outlet and are despatched from Wales. Very soft, warm and snug. x

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I have a friend who makes and sells lovely cotton jersey chemo hats on eBay - her seller id is red321z. I wore them when I was going through chemo and they were really comfortable.
Hope this helps

Hi I can personally recommend DJCBoutique on Etsy and Hats4heads. They both do several style options. Best wishes to you

I sew professionally for clients, so I just made my own.
If you like the style, i can sample one for you, free of charge.
Just let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, I ordered some bamboo caps from Amazon and then just got some head bands to spruce them up. X