hats with hair


Can anyone tell me where I can buy baseball caps with the hair attached around the south east area or maybe a website which sells them?

Hi Jacqui

There’s an American company called headcovers.com that do a range of hair “haloes”, fringes, back hair etc to go under a hat. Loads of people in the forums have bought stuff from them, and they deliver pretty quickly. Also, try searching for women’s wigs on ebay. There’s lots of rubbish - fancy dress wigs and stuff - but I was looking yesterday and saw several baseball caps + hair on offer.

Have fun! Stockbeck

I know this is a late answer but have you tried hothair.co.uk They have a reasonable range of the type of hat/wig you mention.
Good luck

Hi Jacqui
You may already have tried this but whilst you are waiting for your hairhats and attachments I found some really nice hats in BHS (in the sale £3 so even nicer) I then bought some headbands in matching or co-ordinating colours which I wear with the hats. THey seem to help disguise the side, front and back bits that hats dont quite cover and to help them from shuffling around. I feel really confident wearing them and so many people have commented on how good they look. Good look and happy cyber shopping.